“Long Pigs” Giveaway Package!!! Win One of 2010’s Best Horror Films

“Long Pigs” Giveaway Package!!! Win One of 2010’s Best Horror Films

longpigsposterCall me crazy, but when I see a movie that I love, I want the world to see it.  So, after seeing R Squared Films/Clowns After Midnight Productions release “Long Pigs”, it was inevitable:  The Blood Sprayer’s readers MUST see this film!!!

Well, those fine folks who made this film were kind enough to donate some copies of the movie (as well as some other goodies!) and we at The Blood Sprayer want to give you guys a chance to win it.  Heck, who doesn’t want a free movie?  More importantly, who doesn’t want a free GREAT movie?!  Here’s your chance:

Below, the trailer will be added to this post.  Watch the trailer, then comment to us what color the detective’s coffee mug is.  In your comment also include you email address.  The winner will be contacted via email!!! So, watch the trailer, win a free DVD-it’s that easy!!!

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17 Responses to ““Long Pigs” Giveaway Package!!! Win One of 2010’s Best Horror Films”

  1. The dominant colour of the mug is blue.

  2. generalzod7575@live.com, blue and white mug.

    charlie cervas July 20, 2010 at 3:15 PM
  3. The detective’s coffee mug is blue.

  4. The detective’s mug is blue and white with some kind of design.. I think it’s a Christmasy mug?

    e-mail is korn_chick_1985@hotmail.com
    *crosses fingers that I did this correctly*

  5. looks ike the mug is white with blue artwork on it

  6. I loved the trailer! The movie looks wicked sick. The detective’s coffee mug is blue, with a white rim and bottom.

  7. That… was… hilarious! Now I’m hungry. Where’s my scrapple!?

  8. Great post, i never heard of Long Pigs and it definitely is something we gotta watch..creepy indeed! WTF was going on haha:)
    I honestly forgot to watch for the blue coffee cup but of course i am going to watch it again.

  9. Make sure you’re all adding your emails in these posts, so I know who to contact when it’s over.

  10. White with a blue wrap-around color, some kind of design. I want to say that maybe it’s a Peanuts or Snoopy drawing on it, but can’t really make it out.


  11. Looks to be a GOOD movie and one I have on my must see list! Thanks!!

    The mug is white w/ blue and looks to have Taz from Warner Brothers on it. 🙂


  12. The mug is white and it has an image on it the image has a blue back ground, ericnb_98@verizon.net

  13. Before I even read Sheena’s comment, I was thinking the same thing. White cup, blue writing, maybe some red (and other colors), and definitely looks Christmasy to me too.


  14. White cup, blue printed image.


    RancidZombie79 July 22, 2010 at 9:12 PM
  15. at one point the filmmakers were gonna make “Long Pigs” a Christmas movie – lol!

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