Lizard Man (Camp Motion Pictures) As Reviewed By My 7 Year Old Son, Cash

Lizard Man (Camp Motion Pictures) As Reviewed By My 7 Year Old Son, Cash

lizardmanposterSo, I received some monster movies from the fine folks at Camp Motion Pictures.  Our dear friend & Blood Sprayer alum, Zach Shildwachter, has wanted Cash uploaded onto YouTube in any way possible.  Well, we’ve found a way.  This will be the first of 3 reviews with my son & I. He’s a bit timid in this one, but I think he’ll get a little more loosened up the further he goes.

A few things before the video:  Lizard Man is a really great looking movie.  It was shot with quality cameras and the acting is pretty damn good. Some of that movie DEFINITELY should’ve been set aside for great makeup and practical effects in place of the terrible Lizard Man suit and the gawdy CGI blood.  A huge misstep that took (what would’ve been) a fun movie to a letdown.  Nonetheless, if you’re a fan of SyFy Originals, I’d assume you’ll like this.  Here’s Cash & my take via video:




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