Little Shops of Horrors: D-tritus (The Birth of Green Art)

Little Shops of Horrors: D-tritus (The Birth of Green Art)

Art is something that can never be properly defined, and it can always be found in different forms (Film, Paintings, Music, etc.). Art moves with the human race, by commenting on what we have become, and where we are potentially going. We, as a race, have become consumed by technology (for better or for worse, I support the former) and because of that, we are accumulating a copious amount of tech-garbage. Old video game systems, phones, televisions, and computers, find their way into the dump, with no real way of being recycled. An artist by the name of John Juan has found a way to take this garbage or unusable detritus and create images from our favorite horror films. John has a vision, and that is to take our trash and turn it into something beautiful. Not a new idea by any means, but in terms of this context (technology), it is a brand new way to recycle these old abandoned parts in one of the most amazing ways.

About the Artist:

Detritus: the organic debris formed from the decay of organisms.

John Juan is 34 years old, and has lived in the Toledo area his whole life. Never fully content with the way his toys were, he began repainting, taking things apart, and resembling them in bizarre manners. His work, and his passion are heavily influenced by films such as, The Littles, The Goonies, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, and The Borrowers. John has taken his creative side and love for taking things apart and combined it with electronics. All of John’s work is “green art,” and made up from a myriad of devices, such as, old Xboxs and McDonald’s toys. Just about anything that has a circuit or boards, is going to be used for some sort of new creation.

All of the pieces made in the D-tritus workshop is one of a kind, handcrafted, and available to purchase. Directors, actors, musicians, and even overseas buyers have been pining to get their hands on these beautiful creations. John is open to ideas, and is willing to do consignment pieces, but understand that not everything is possible. All pieces pictured below are for sale, and depending of the size, can cost anywhere from $50 to $400.

(About the Author was paraphrased from the D-Tritus Facebook)

Contact information is at the bottom of the post, after the pictures. Oh, I’m a tease.

Army of Darkness

Children of the Corn





Frankenstein: Part 2

NSFW Brawlers

NSFW Brawlers Part 2


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Mummy

The Phantom

Pretty amazing, if you are interested in contacting John Juan for prices, or want to see more of his work, visit:

D-Tritus Email

D-Tritus Facebook

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  1. dude, this is amazing. I can’t hit the like button enough times to express how awesome this is.

  2. WOW! that guy is fawesome. I’d love to meet him someday! whoda thought green art could be sooo bad ass?

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