Little Shops of Horror: The Zombified

Little Shops of Horror: The Zombified

Greetings, readers.  I’d like to introduce you to a new friend of ours here at the Blood Sprayer; Krystal Fancey Beck, or, as she is perhaps more commonly known, The Zombie.  She is the mad genius creator of all artwork found at The Zombified; hers, then, is the hand that draws us down, the dark muse to illustrate our nightmares. Born in Nova Scotia, The Zombie was drawn to art from an early age; she’s experimented with techniques and media as a Frankenstein might experiment with tissue samples, though finds herself returning again and again to the simple elegance of pen and ink.

Sitting here writing this, my eye can’t help be drawn to my walls, covered in artwork; poster reproductions, photo stills, one-of-a-kind pieces done by friends of mine and action figures, still in their packaging, hung on hooks as splashes of three-dimensional color.  I think us horror fans are drawn to art.  While many of us are perhaps inveterate doodlers or cartoonists (yours truly included) we nevertheless appreciate any artistic media that expresses the visceral emotional pull of horror.

With her clean lines and expressive, animated figures (not to mention a predilection for the female form) The Zombie offers something for everyone’s tastes; she initially opened The Zombified in 2006, with a rough (and now out-of-print) run of the first issue of Hallowhaus; she closed briefly while relocating, and re-opened in 2008.  She and her work can also be found on Facebook and Etsy.

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Bill Adcock likes long walks off short piers and eating endangered species. In addition to his work for the Blood Sprayer, his writing can also be found at his personal site, Radiation-Scarred Reviews, which he's maintained since 2008. Bill has also contributed, as of this writing, to GRINDHOUSE PURGATORY issues 2 and 3, and CINEMA SEWER issue 27.

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