Little Shop of Horrors: Joel Robinson’s Canvas Is Colored Blood Red

Little Shop of Horrors:  Joel Robinson’s Canvas Is Colored Blood Red

Me-and-BavaPart of what is so cool about the Little Shop of Horrors column is the opportunity to share artists with our readers that we love.  Luckily for me, I didn’t have to venture too far out of my area to give you a personal favorite of mine-Joel Robinson.

Amidst a sea of hopefuls, Mr. Robinson’s artwork stands out.  His take on classic characters and films from horror’s past meets his modern sensibility with vivid, rich results.  Often times, you’ll see faces (and images) you’re quite familiar with, but they’re now draped in bright colors that you wouldn’t generally associate with those ideas.  Each piece seems to have a rock and roll quality that suits horror enthusiasts flawlessly.  I can personally attest to this because each time I wear one of his Fulci-inspired shirts or people see his Leatherface print that adorns my living room wall,  the artwork stands out to its audience.

About Joel Robinson:

Joel Robinson is an American horror artist specializing in character portraits.  Being a classically trained artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Joel uses traditional techniques and current technology to bring a new take on horror to his audience. He is best known for using vibrant colors to illuminate the darkest of subject matters. Joel’s clientele includes such horror greats as George A. Romero, Vincent Price Estates, Danielle Harris, and Kane Hodder among others.

He grew up on horror, loving Famous Monsters of Filmland and the great VHS slasher hits from the 80s. Bringing together his lifelong love for horror and his passion for art, Joel is now a frequent guest at over 20 conventions a year across 9 states and Canada. He also works regularly as a staff artist for HorrorHound Magazine and made his HorrorHound cover debuts for the Special March and May/June Issue #29 in 2011. Check out to see all of Joel’s latest works, what he has been up to, and the stops on his latest tour!
All of the artwork featured in this article can be purchased at the above-listed website for great prices.  Normally, I wouldn’t say something so corny as “take my word for it”, but this is one of those instances that I will:  Please, please hit up his site and you will quickly see exactly what I’m talking about.  On any given look at this work, you’ll find at least 3 or 4 prints that you can’t live without.
You’ll undoubtedly encounter Joel at any number of conventions coming up, but for now make sure you get over to that site and keep him going by picking some stuff up!

Joel's original artwork for the cover of HorrorHound Magazine*



Tenth anniversary poster for Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival*



Image also available in t shirt form*

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