Like Burlesque? You’ll Love SO WRONG IT’S RIGHT

Like Burlesque? You’ll Love SO WRONG IT’S RIGHT

New York based Burlesque producer Neil O’Fortune is no stranger to pushing the envelope with nightlife entertainment. Having been a part of the Bruce Campbell tribute and the celebration of John Hughes VS John Carpenter, you know he has the muscle to back up his hustle. Next up is SO WRONG IT’S RIGHT Burlesque.

O’Fortune has this to describe the event:
The show is exactly what the title sounds like: a night completely dedicated to the most fucked up, “did I just see that?” acts in burlesque. It features acts dedicated to tentacle rape hentai, disturbing giant bunny heads, kitten euthanasia, the Virgin Mary doing…inappropriate things with the baby Jesus, Creamy Stevens drinking the blood of Ricardo Montalban (that one takes a little explaining) and lots more family entertainment.
This show is dropping Friday, March 2nd. It promises to deliver full flavor for all palettes of jaded tastes, and features at least one movie-specific homage, by Nasty Canasta, to possibly the most disturbing film of all time: Bambi.

Doors open at 10pm, with the Show starting at 10:30 at the  Bowery Poetry Club in New York and admission is only $12!!

Be sure to check out for details about the show and other upcoming events.

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