Lee Hardcastle’s “T is for Toilet” Will Have You Peeing Your Pants

Lee Hardcastle’s “T is for Toilet” Will Have You Peeing Your Pants

Take that as you will, but director/animator Lee Hardcastle‘s latest film project will have you soiling your britches from sheer terror or laughter (take your pick). You may recognize Hardcastle’s work from the insanely popular and gruesomely gory claymation shorts Chainsaw Maid 2, The Evil Dead in 60 Seconds or The Exorcist in 60 Seconds (if not, check them out).

A hardcore horror fan himself, Hardcastle’s penchant for over-the-top violence and scatalogical humor is nowhere more perfectly captured than in T is for Toilet (see above). Shot over the course of only 11 days, the film co-stars Kim Richardson & Hardcastle with audio design by Tim Atkins and was created as part of the Alamo Drafthouse’s 26th Director Competition. The competition, which is ongoing until this October, offers one talented director a chance to have their short featured in the Drafthouse’s ABCs of Death film anthology alongside familiar horror names like Angela Bettis (May, The Woman), Jason Eisener (Hobo with a Shotgun), Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police) and Ti West (House of the Devil) among others.

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Since this is a competition, Hardcastle can naturally use all of the votes he can get and I for one am proud to support a fellow horror fan. So, if you’re anything like me and find this short to possess the makings of another great horror director show your support and vote!

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  1. done! great short, horrifyingly funny.

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