Late Sunsets, Early Sunrises

Late Sunsets, Early Sunrises

Breaking News Update:

We have just received word that Bloody Disgusting will be dropping a brand new online comic series in August of this year. The title, as you may have guessed, is Late Sunsets, Early Sunrises. The upcoming series will be comprised of 6-issues, and it is written and created by Bloody Disgusting’s very own THEoDEAD (Theo Scheresky) and will be illustrated by Idiceanu Mihai. We have been lucky enough to receive advance previews of some of the art, as well as a detailed synopsis of the story.

I am a huge fan of comics, horror literature, and the like so naturally when Kristy asked me to cover this, I hopped right on the computer and did some reading.

The story is epic in scope and in substance, and I was very impressed with the thought and creativity that was present while creating this project. The plot covers multiple sub-genres of horror, and even classic literary tropes. It has post-apocalyptic wastelands, star crossed lovers, murder, revenge, true love, Faustian bargains, vampires, gangsters, pretty much everything. I, for one, am very excited about checking out this series, and I cannot wait for August to come so that I can start reading.

As well as having a kick ass plot, the artwork is impressive, and rather unique. Theo was kind enough to send Kristy some sneak peeks at finished art and sketches for upcoming issues, and I was lucky enough to get to see them as well. To be perfectly honest, I love them. They have both a cartoony quality and a gritty noir feel to them and the combination is refreshing and different. I have long been a fan of comic artists who do not fit squarely into a single style, or who blend multiple styles into their own unique art form (Dave McKean is a good example), and the art for Late Sunsets, Early Sunrises conjures up traces of both computer animation and hand drawn art (at least to my untrained eye, so forgive me if I am wrong), and they mesh perfectly as you can see.

Be on the lookout for the release later this summer, and if you would like to read the full synopsis, check out the link below!

“Late Sunsets, Early Sunrises” at Bloody Disgusting

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