The Last Of Us To Get a Big Screen Adaptation…To No One’s Surprise

The Last Of Us To Get a Big Screen Adaptation…To No One’s Surprise

louwallThe Last Of Us was arguably the best video game to come out in 2013.  Naughty Dog crafted a beautiful intense story while giving you an incredible gaming experience.  Well, apparently the folks at Screen Gems liked the game so much, they’ve decided to distribute a movie version of it.

According to every source on the internet in the last 24 hours, Screen Gems will be on the distribution end, while the game’s creative director Neil Druckmann helms the script.  In addition, Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells, Christophe Balestra, & Bruce Straley will also be a part of the process.  Oh, and did we mention that Sam Raimi & Ghost House Pictures are the ones they’ll be teaming with?  Yeah…figured that’s probably pertinent information.

Hard to say when you can expect a release, but one thing is for sure; the cinematic quality of The Last Of Us was leading towards an inevitable screenplay.  While so many games spend their time catering to online multiplayer, the folks at Naughty Dog have always kept their feet planted firmly in creating compelling narrative.  Who, how, and what they will translate remains to be seen but if you’ve played the game you know how rich the characters can be. This one will be worth keeping your eye on.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go petition the White House.  If they’re making this one into a game, I gotta find a way to get the Suda 51 games made into movies!


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