Krueger Comes To Kombat!

Krueger Comes To Kombat!

A few months back it was rumored that the creative team behind the newest Mortal Kombat game might be releasing two very special playable characters that had video game and horror nerds atwitter. Those two characters were Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

Of course Warner Brothers video game division and NetherRealm Studios were tight lipped on the subject but this week at Comic-con the rumor was (mostly) confirmed…with a catch. Take a look at the DLC preview video of Mr. Krueger and see if you notice anything wrong. I’ll wait…

Did you catch that? No, its not the fact that he has TWO gloves or the fact that he won’t be voiced by Englund (or that he doesn’t seem to have a voice at all) its that IT’S THE FUCKING REMAKE FREDDY!!!

Now I’m a reasonable man but come on! If ever there was a slap in the face to horror fans it would be to include this abortion. Its like making a Candyman video game with Flava Flav.

Ultimately, I’m excited that we finally get the chance to tear each other apart with one of the coolest villains of all time but it is a tragic misstep to have him be this incarnation.

Still no word on Jason (they say Freddy will be the last DLC) but we can keep our fingers crossed that if they do decide to release him, he won’t be Roy, the fucking ambulance driver.

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  1. …hmm. The fact that he had two gloves completely went over my head the first time I saw this, hahaha. Wow.

    It is criminal that they’re using the reboot Freddy and absolutely none of Englund’s witt puns for the character, but I’d be lying if I’m still not a little excited. The last time Freddy made an official video game appearance was on the original Nintendo so… I guess I can settle on this for now. πŸ˜€

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