I Should Just Not is out today!

I Should Just Not is out today!

Today, Badass Digest’s third eBook, I Should Just Not by author Britt Hayes, is out and available on Amazon for $4.95! It’ll be available on iBooks in a few days, and Britt will be attending Forever Fest this weekend, where she’ll be giving away a free chapter and doing other book launch activities.

Here’s the cover art:


So, Britt’s book is about dating. Or, more specifically, it’s about her hilariously horrible year and a half spent in the world of online dating. Fangoria’s Managing Editor, Sam Zimmerman, wrote the intro, and Badass’s Managing Editor, Meredith Borders, edited the book.

Here’s some quotes:

Borders says, “After being privileged to hear Britt’s candid and often excruciating stories from her time in the online dating community, I urged her to put pen to paper and turn those dates into a book I knew so many people would find recognizable and pertinent. Along with Film Crit Hulk’s SCREENWRITING 101 and Evan Saathoff’s MADEA LIVES! A FILM-BY-FILM GUIDE TO LOVING TYLER PERRY, I’m proud of the diversity and breadth of voices we’ve shown on the Badass Digest Publishing label, and Britt’s book is a wonderful addition to our shelf.”

Hayes, a contributor to Badass Digest, adds, “If you’re looking for advice or answers or what not to do, you’re probably looking in the wrong section of the Internet. I have nothing for you. The best advice I can give is probably to know what you want, which is great universal advice, especially at restaurants or at the grocery store. But this book is intended to be humorous and honest and relatable, and I hope that it’s all of those things for you.”

Look for it on Amazon!

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