Italian Week+Fright Rags=AWESOME GIVEAWAYS!!!

Italian Week+Fright Rags=AWESOME GIVEAWAYS!!!

Aside from all that kick ass articles you get to read during Italian Week here at The Blood Sprayer, this week is fun because of all the cool swag that we get to give away to our readers.  So, without further adieu, it’s time to get that ball a-rollin’…

Our dear friends at Fright Rags not only offer premium, quality, grade A horror shirts to discerning horror fans, they ALSO have some of the most generous hearts on the planet.  How do I know this, you ask?  Well, that’s easy.  For starters, Fright Rags has partnered with us on many projects and always does good by the fans.  Secondly, they were willing to donate shirts again to give away to  a couple very lucky Blood Sprayer readers.


Okay, so here’s shirt number one:  This now sold out design features images from one of the last great entries in the Italian horror movement, Michele Soavi’s 1994 film, “Dellamorte Dellamore” (aka Cemetery Man).  The design features the film’s star, Rupert Everett, and the beautiful color/original design you’ve come to expect from the Fright Rags crew.


Our second entry is a personal favorite of mine (mainly, because I own it!).  Mad genius Jeff Zornow whipped this gorgeous design together to pay homage to my favorite Italian (and for my money, the king of Italian horror) Lucio Fulci and his film “City of The Living Dead” (1980).  The design features some classic images from the film, including the infamous maggots.  All in all, I’d have to say this may be my favorite shirt Fright Rags has ever done.


Now, I know what you’re thinking:  “Wes, this is too much awesome!  How could this get any more awesome?!”  Well, I’ll tell you, guy who yells too much.  It gets awesome because the ONLY thing you have to do is answer a question correctly to get a FREE SHIRT!  Here’s the rules:

-There are 2 shirts of 2 different sizes.  The Dellamorte Dellamore shirt is a 2XL and the City of the Living Dead shirt is a Large.  MAKE SURE that BEFORE you answer the question, you look at which question, and for which shirt, you are answering.

-To submit an answer, simply include your answer into a comment at the bottom of this post and make sure you include your name, email address that is easiest to reach you at, and to be safe still specify which shirt you want.

-Winners will be chosen and contacted directly via the email address they include in their answer. If you don’t include all the above information, your answer cannot be considered for submission.  There is only one of each shirt and we want to make sure we’re able to contact you as quickly as possible to let you know you’ve won.  So, make sure to follow the directions closely!

Question 1: (This question will be for the Dellamorte Dellamore shirt) Director Michele Soavi was not only responsible for DD, but several other films genre fans would be familiar with.  Name 3 of them.

Question 2: (This question will be for those trying to win the COTLD shirt) Name the film that COTLD star Christopher George did with John Wayne and the year that film came out.


Alright, kids…you know what to do!  The winner will be chosen and contacted next week.

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I'm the founder of this here site and a contributing writer. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the foundation of who I am as a horror lover but sleaze, exploitation, Italian film, and erotica from the golden age are my areas most widely researched. This is done with a great amount of vigor. When not assaulting my mind with film, I'm with my beautiful family or cheering on my beloved Baltimore Orioles.

22 Responses to “Italian Week+Fright Rags=AWESOME GIVEAWAYS!!!”

  1. Question 2:
    Chisum (1970)

  2. the answer is “chisum” starring john Wayne and Christopher George. the film was released in 1970.

    I would love the city of the living dead shirt!

    Sarah queen

  3. Question #1
    The Church, Stagefright, and the Devil’s Daughter

  4. This is the answer for the second question to win the COTLD t-shirt.

    The answer is Chisum. It was released in 1970.

  5. question 1 for the DD shirt.

    The church
    La setta

    adam edwards

  6. The answer for question 2 is Chisum and it was released in 1970

  7. Question 1:
    Stage Fright
    The Church
    Cemetery Man

    I would LOVE to own the Dellamorte Dellamore shirt!

  8. Question 1: Michele Soavi also directed StageFright: Aquarius, The Church, and La Setta. The Dellamorte Dellamore shirt looks very nice!

  9. Question 2 Chisum 1970. cityof the living dead shirt

  10. For the Dellamorte Dellamore shirt;

    The Church
    Dario Argento’s World of Horror

  11. Question 2.. The film was “Chisum”. COTLD shirt, please.

  12. For DellaMorte DellaMore T-shirt,
    Stagefright (1987)
    The Church (1989)
    La Setta (1991)

    Stacy O’Brien

  13. Q2
    Chisum, 1970

  14. Question 2 for the COTLD shirt:

    That’s “Chisum” from 1970.

    rightguard at gmail dot com


  15. Question #1 answer(s):
    The Church (La Chiesa)
    La Setta
    StageFright: Aquarius (Deliria)

    …for the Dellamorte Dellamore shirt, please!
    Autumn Hawley

  16. Chisum ( also a great movie)
    COTLD 🙂

  17. Question 2 for the city of the living dead shirt.
    Chisum (1970).

  18. Answer for #2 for the Large City of the Living Dead

    Jeanette Jackson August 7, 2011 at 2:16 AM
  19. Q1
    delamorte shirt
    the church
    stage fright
    world of horror

  20. First question
    answer: Stagefright (1987)
    Chiesa, La (1988)
    The Sect (1990)

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