Italian Horror Week, Brought to You by The Blood Sprayer

Italian Horror Week, Brought to You by The Blood Sprayer

Our excitement was uncontainable.  The idea seemed inevitable.  Our admiration is obvious.  Ladies and gentleman, beginning June 27th and running through July 3rd, The Blood Sprayer embarks on its first (of many) theme weeks.  Appropriately, we begin with the one of the eras that makes up our foundation-Italian Horror!!!  You’ll get a firsthand look at how much we love these legends of filth cinema.  There’s going to be a wide assortment of great things from reviews, features on certain films/filmmakers, to interviews, giveaways and more!!!! Everything you’ve ever loved about those purveyors of perversion will be here for you to indulge in…and a whole lot more!!!

Zombies!  Cannibals!  Evil Nuns!  Gore!  Anti-Catholic subtext!  Black Gloves!  Killers with…Donald Duck voices?!  Sure, why the hell not?  It’s all going to be here and it’s only from your favorite filth mongers, The Blood Sprayer…we’re proud to serve you, and you’ll be glad you stopped by.

June 27th-July 3rd, The Blood Sprayer presents:  Italian Horror Week.

See you there….

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I'm the founder of this here site and a contributing writer. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the foundation of who I am as a horror lover but sleaze, exploitation, Italian film, and erotica from the golden age are my areas most widely researched. This is done with a great amount of vigor. When not assaulting my mind with film, I'm with my beautiful family or cheering on my beloved Baltimore Orioles.

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