Italian Horror Even Influenced…Nintendo’s ‘Metroid’?

Italian Horror Even Influenced…Nintendo’s ‘Metroid’?

So, what’s the video game writer going to be able to come up with for “Italian Horror Week?”  Oh, ye of little faith!  Even though there isn’t a sub-genre of Italian Horror video games,  the film scene’s grip on fans is far reaching and its influence can even be felt at…Nintendo of Japan?


‘Metroid’ creator Yoshio Sakamoto addressed the 2010 Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco this year and spoke candidly about his influences on the ‘Metroid’ series and game design in general.  His biggest source of inspiration?  None other than Dario Argento! 



 Yoshio Sakamoto said that Argento’s films ‘Suspiria’ and ‘Deep Red’, which he discovered in his youth, had a profound impact on his creative process.  Argento’s  manipulation of mood through music and timing is something he found moving; the use of foreshadowing helped transcend the film beyond other horror films.



” ‘Deep Red’  has the greatest inspiration on my creative process,” he said.   “I discovered that without a doubt, I wanted to create things in the same manner that Argento did.”  Sakamoto also cited Argento’s scores and their “almost indifferent echo of the stiff and robotic.”  Much in the same way,  ‘Metroid’ drives an eerie atmosphere where a “less is more” approach.  Tension and isolation are built through the sporadic and subdued eerie music.




Even the color scheme of Samus, ‘Metroid’s’ protagonist, can be seen in the poster art for Argento’s movies.  Heavy uses of oranges, reds, and yellows of Samus’s suit mirror the cinematic palette of Argento’s work.  So, next time you reminisce about launching missiles into Mother Brain, remember- Mr. Argento is partially responsible!





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