It Came From the Tubes: Internet Horror – New Short Film Series “FRACTURES”

It Came From the Tubes: Internet Horror – New Short Film Series “FRACTURES”

A new group of movers and shakers, takers and filmmakers is on the prowl. Fractures is an ambitious group effort of new horror influenced short films pulled together into into one corner of the Interwebs.

FRACTURES are a collection of short abstract films examining the macabre, the twisted and the obscure textures of life. Unlike a regular series, each film stands alone as a fractured moment from a much larger story, told from the perspectives of different characters across a range of locations. All films are presented in varying styles by an eclectic group of filmmakers, exploiting the creative freedoms of producing micro-budget shorts for the web.

Here’s AN ACQUIRED TASTEfrom Director Elliot Fu.

An Acquired Taste from Fractures Films on Vimeo.

Here’s NIGHT EATERby Director Gary Marino.

Night Eater from Fractures Films on Vimeo.

More films will be posting soon so be sure to check out the Fractures Films Website. You can read more on their blog.

You can also follow Fractures Films on Twitter and get more updates via Facebook.

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