ISLAND: Lord of the Flies Coming to School Near You

ISLAND: Lord of the Flies Coming to School Near You


Remember when you were in high school and were forced to read Lord of the Flies knowing full well that there were Cliff’s Notes and a movie adaptation readily available at your finger tips? Well your academic experience with this William Golding classic has made its way into yet another film adaptation… sort of.  Enter the up and coming film ISLAND.

The Synopsis thus far:  Lord Of The Flies set in the modern day during a nuclear disaster. A set of students are trapped in the school and the film explores their social interactions. Dir. Rehan Malik

Now this isn’t your Michael Bay The Island.  We are looking at a nuclear disaster inspired dare-to-be a the dictator of all children film. Little is known about this production at this moment with the exception that it will be a British production involving Donald Bentley, Lauren Kellegher, Samuel Ranger to name a few who have seemingly committed to this endeavor according to Casting Call Pro and will be directed by  Rehan Malik.

We will keep you updated as the production unfolds and we get a few shots from the film. Hopefully a trailer will emerge soon and then we can decide who’s playing “Piggy” and what the modern day equivalent of having a rock thrown at your head would be… maybe a Nintendo DS? Maybe a cameo by the zombies from Nightmare City? Maybe a sequel, Nightmare Island?

For full casting notes thus far visit Casting Call Pro


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