INTRUDER Will Shop You Into Hi-Def Pieces

INTRUDER Will Shop You Into Hi-Def Pieces

The Intruder… somewhere between Chopping Mall and your Sunday morning trip to the grocery comes a cult classic so amazing they simply won’t allow you to use double coupons. When you’re thinking of what you’ll be cooking for your Feast of the seven fishes dinner or which stocking stuffer really defines you as a person, make sure to stop by Synapse and pick up a Blu-Ray that won’t leave you with that Bah Humbug feeling.  This is what Synapse had to say about it:

Scott Spiegel’s infamous gore classic finally hits the aisles with a splatterific new HD Blu-ray transfer!

From Lawrence Bender, the producer of Quentin Tarantino’s PULP FICTION and RESERVOIR DOGS, and the classic FROM DUSK TILL DAWN! 

Scott Spiegel’s INTRUDER presented uncut for the first time in beautiful high-definition in a DVD/Blu-ray combo!

Non Blu-Ray Trailer to get your cart moving (because I couldn’t find a high definition one yet):

It’s 10 pm and the employees of Michigan’s Walnut Lake Supermarket are in for a really bad night. The place is shutting its doors for good, and the night crew has a long shift ahead of them… longer than they think! The lovely check-out girl has a deranged ex-boyfriend, the store’s phone lines are cut and the employees start dying in the most stomach-churning ways imaginable (courtesy of Academy Award®-winning KNB EFX Group). A deranged killer is on the loose in the grocery store! Can anyone stop this murderous intruder? 

Synapse Films is proud to present Scott Spiegel’s INTRUDER, the “holy grail” of extreme gore cinema, in an all-new 2K high-definition transfer of the original uncut, uncensored version. Sam Raimi (director of THE EVIL DEAD and SPIDER-MAN trilogies) and Renée Estevez (TV’s THE WEST WING) star in this blood-drenched cult film classic that critics call “a gorgeous low-budget shocker that has long been one of the best kept secrets of the genre scene” (Alan Simpson, Sex Gore Mutants). Be sure to look for Bruce Campbell (THE EVIL DEAD, TV’s BURN NOTICE) in a cameo role.

Special Features and Disc Info:

  • Audio Commentary with Director Scott Spiegel and
    Producer Lawrence Bender
  • “Slashed Prices: “The Making of INTRUDER” featurette, including interviews with Spiegel, Bender, the KNB EFX team, actors Bruce Campbell, Ted Raimi, Elizabeth Cox, Danny Hicks and others
  • Never-before-seen extended murder sequences from the original workprint
  • Outtakes from NIGHT CREW short film
  • Interview featurette with filmmaker/fan Vincent Pereira on INTRUDER
    and GOREZONE magazine
  • Cast Audition Tapes
  • Behind-the-Scenes Still Gallery
  • Original Theatrical Trailer


Director: Scott Spiegel

 Sam Raimi, Ted Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Elizabeth Cox, Danny Hicks
Run Time: 88 minutes
Release Date: December 13, 2011
Aspect Ratio: 1:78:1
Format: DVD/Blu-ray  Combo
Price: $29.95

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