Indie Spotlight: A Preview Of Andy Copp’s Mindbender “Church Of The Eyes”

Indie Spotlight:  A Preview Of Andy Copp’s Mindbender “Church Of The Eyes”

churchofMy dear, sweet state of Ohio has offered some cool shit to the world.  Don’t believe me, eh?  Well, how’s this for a list:  Devo, Ballreich’s Potato Chips, The Dead Boys, Buckeye Beer, James Van Bebber, Buckeyes (not the tree-the delicious chocolate treat you eat at holiday events!), Jeffrey Dahmer…okay, scratch the last one.  You get the point, though.  Ohio is home to some kick ass stuff (not to mention, it’s the home of many TBS writers).  Our old buddy Andrew Copp is another cool thing to add to that list.

Dayton-based writer/director/actor/producer/renaissance man Andrew Copp has been churning hardcore indie flicks for…well, forever.  Having his hand in so many pots, Copp is the prime example of what the fierce independent spirit looks like in the horror community.  He would be considered a template as to HOW to do it.  Along with folks like Mike Watt, Amy Lynn Best, Chris Seaver, Fred Vogel, Henrique Couto, and Chris LaMartina, he’s been a consistent fixture within said community that keeps me coming back to the low budget circuit.  Known for several beloved cult films (including critically adored “The Mutilation Man”), Copp’s latest project is a clear indication that he doesn’t intend to stop anytime soon.

Church Of The Eyes (slated for a summer/fall completion time) is the next chapter in his saga of potent, aggressive films that always intend for a jugular shot.  Featuring an all-star cast and crew, Church Of The Eyes promises to deliver on the edgy style that Andy’s so well known for.  The Blood Sprayer reached out to Mr. Copp to give us the scoop on what we’re to expect from his latest project. He delivers the raw n’ heavy in his own words:

CHURCH OF THE EYES is another very experimental film in the same vein as my earlier movies THE MUTILATION MAN and BLACK SUN. In fact, this can almost be seen as a third entry in a loose trilogy in some ways. It is about a man who loses the love of his life in a car crash. In the ensuing depression, he sets out on a metaphysical journey to find, and kill, God. So, it is a film about love and loss filtered through the violent and broken imagery of the panic movement that I love so much.

The movie started as a music video project with one man band “Swineburner” aka musician Kevin Jones (based out of Indiana). But as we wove the material together it became a longer, more serious work. It is still primarily built around his music with almost no dialogue, but has now grown to include other music from The Beasting, 156, and some other drone/noise musicians.

The film stars myself in the lead role, Stephanie Michael in the lead female role, Henrique Couto as Jesus, and Tank Thompson as God. Mike Watt and Amy Lynn Best both make cameos, as well as Nikki Verba Sweigart, Jillian Zurawski, Matt & Bryan Brassfield, and Odette Despairr take up important supporting roles.
We have been shooting the film for a year and a half now, using the Canon 7D with Henrique Couto handling the DP duties and Mike King doing second unit DP. This is the first movie I have done that is being shot in full HD and is a new and exciting experience. The footage coming back looks amazing- the best of anything I have ever been involved with, and certainly the most controversial. With any luck, the film will be done shooting in the spring with a summer/fall finish date.

If you’re anything like me (and I know you are-that’s why we’re here!), your itching to see this one in its completed state.  As stated, the film is still in production, BUT you can be assured that when the film starts making the rounds,  you’ll be able to find out all about it here at The Blood Sprayer.  In the meantime, take a look at the teaser trailer below.  For further info involving production on Church Of The Eyes and Copp’s other works, visit…Enjoy the trailer!



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  1. Hey Wes, I play GOD in Andy Copp’s CHURCH OF THE EYES…I have lost contact with Andy.. His facebook and website are both down..Could you tell me how to get ahold of him?? Thanks, Tank

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