Indie Horror Film “Rotgut” Needs More Gore!

Indie Horror Film “Rotgut” Needs More Gore!

There are many reasons as to why so many crappy indie horror films are floating around these days. Most people now have the ability to pick up a new laptop and a cheap HD camera from Best Buy and shoot what they think is going to be the next Psycho. They call their friends over, get drunk or high and start shooting random crap. They run it through their cheap editing software and soon we are presented with a no budget, disconnected, MTV style movie that makes no sense and it ends up in Wes’ mailbox waiting to be reviewed. Awesome for us right? Not really.

While we do appreciate independent horror, we really only give a damn about the people who are passionate about film making. We are talking about guys and gals who live and breathe film, work two or three jobs on the side and dump their paychecks into their art. The people who don’t have the Hollywood connections to land them that huge paying gig but still keep plugging away at.

So when I saw this site I smiled because it was what true indie film is built on. Dudes begging for money. Now, we have a bit of history with Billy Garberina so I wanted to get this out to you guys, the true horror fans. These guys need help raising the necessary funds to get their film off the ground and I ask that you watch their pitch and think about kicking in a few bucks. Let’s keep the indie horror community moving so we can remain entertained.

Watch the pitch and donate here!

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  1. Would you consider Open House directed by Andrew Paquin good indie horror? Here’s the review if you haven’t heard about it –

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