Impulse Pictures Gives Us Sleazehounds 2 More Reasons To Love Them

Impulse Pictures Gives Us Sleazehounds 2 More Reasons To Love Them

SGR12_webAs if you needed another reason to love the folks at Synapse Films and their glorious (and I do mean glorious!) imprint, Impulse Pictures, they’ve gone ahead and given you 2 more!!!  March 11th saw the release of 2, count em’, 2 fantastic releases from one of the best companies on the planet.

First up, another edition of the German series Schoolgirl Report.  Volume 12 of the German exploitation series applies visuals to stories written to the editor of a high school(!) newspaper.  Seriously, what high school is this?!  Anyway, with Vol. 12 we get a bevvy of perversions that could ONLY be the work of this insane series.  Taboos mean nothing here.  Incest, orgies, perverted plumbers…they’re all here in another installment of Schoolgirl Report.

God bless the folks at Synapse.  The Impulse Pictures imprint is home to so many incredible releases, most of which fans were unaware of.  The acquisition of such cool oddball stuff exposes both new found fans and collectors alike to flicks (such as this) most of us wouldn’t have seen otherwise.  It also separates itself from being merely “porn” by being actual films.  Scripts, narratives, characters, etc.  Of course, you run into the expected storylines, but at least they’re there! Not to mention, we’re talking about exploitation.  Those trappings are almost a necessity.  These are fun, weird movies that serve as a perfect snapshot of what a global phenomenon exploitation truly was.

PEEPS1_webThe next release is another in the 42nd Street Forever line.  This time around, they’ve gone back to where it all started-the 8mm stag film.  Akin to the home movies your grandparents have in the attic, the 8mm stags were not only the very first form of home video…they were also the only way that explicit sex films were able to be viewed and/or distributed in a manner that allowed the viewer to see them in the privacy of their home.  They were also the primary source of viewing for the good ol’ peep booths that populated the backrooms of adult bookstores.

This particular collection of peep show “Loops” as they’re often referred to, is another example of what sets the team at Synapse apart from their contemporaries ONCE AGAIN.  They’ve lovingly taken a selection of classic 8mm shorts and given them a proper home on DVD.  In The Peep Show Collection Vol. 1, you’re treated to early performances of adult legends like John Holmes, Lisa DeLeeuw, & the immortal, incomparable Annie Sprinkle.  And while I’m at it, let me toss a few titles out to you:  “Deeper Throat”, “Wet & Wild”, “One Hung Low”.  Classic adult film with classic adult film titles?!!!! I’m officially in heaven.  In addition to the pop, buzzes, and crackle you get from old school flicks such as these,  Synapse/Impulse has also included the original audio as these are intended to be heard.  Confused?  Why would I make a point to mention the audio? Well, when it came to peep show booths the only audio you were getting was the whir of the projector.  By forgoing any other audio options, this allows fans who didn’t experience that era to have the most accurate experience possible while viewing.  If you can believe this, it ups the filthiness of the entire experience…and that’s meant as a compliment.

Look, I’m not about to sit here and tell you that the releases from Impulse Pictures are for everyone.  But as you know if you’re an avid reader of this site (and if you listen to our podcast), we like things a little sleazier.  If you’re more of a straight horror fan, then these releases aren’t for you.  Now, if you DO like exploitation and porn from the golden days, then consider both of these releases highly recommended.  They’re coming with the Blood Sprayer stamp of approval.  For those of us that didn’t live through the era, we’re able to another hunk of that pie. These fellas never cease to amaze.  Collectors, take note…these are for you!

**I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention one other cool thing: Cinema Sewer’s Robin Bougie wrote the liner notes.  Yeah.  Exactly. Totally bitchin’**-Ed.

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