I’m Not Dead, I’m A Dad: Catching Up With What I’ve Been Watching…

I’m Not Dead, I’m A Dad: Catching Up With What I’ve Been Watching…

Hey Guys!  It’s been a hot minute!  I’ve been completely engrossed in reality and have had NO time to sit down and tell you what’s crack-a-lackin’ in my viewing/listening life.  Trust me, I’ve been WATCHING lots of stuff…I just haven’t had time to TALK about it!  So, instead of lamenting on being backed up by getting my son off to another school year, work stresses, etc., we’re gonna rap movies.  Let’s do this!


babysittermassacreBabysitter Massacre (Alternative Cinema)-I’m going to go out on a limb and just say this: Babysitter Massacre is one of THE BEST independent horror films released in 2013!  Henrique Couto’s Babysitter Massacre is an omage to slashers gone by ala’ Slumber Party Massacre (duh!) but it’s distinctly its own beast.  While the world was bitching about Robocop remakes and over-analyzing a new Batman, Henrique was perfecting his craft.  This movie shows immense growth in a filmmaker that refuses to allow budget restraints to hinder what he does. The script kicks ass, the cast handles the content with ease, and it LOOKS fantastic.  Babysitter Massacre is one of my favorite horror films of the year thus far.  Check out Alternative Cinema’s site and pick this up!!!


bad miloBad Milo! (Magnet Releasing)-This is a continuation of movies that will inevitably be on my best of  list for the year.  Bad Milo is Basket Case filtered through an Albert Brooks world.  Ken Marino (Wet Hot American Summer, Children’s Hospital, The State) plays a man who’s life stress is crippling him with bowel pains.  While he has the undying support of his beautiful wife (played PERFECTLY by Gillian Jacobs, of Community fame), the pain of his life is too much and it’s all collapsing around him.  It turns out, however, his bowel pains aren’t run of the mill stress ulcers…there caused by a demon named Milo who lives in his butthole.  What ensues can only be described as the most endearing horror comedy involving the human anus, ever.  Bad Milo! is the type of horror film you can recommend to someone who ISN’T a horror fan but will be loved by horror geeks everywhere.  You get a recognizable cast who are veterans in the delivery of comedy and they do it to the nines.  The premise is purposefully over the top, but the turmoil the characters struggle with is quite real in this day and age.  I love everything about this movie and I KNOW if you haven’t already seen this OnDemand, you need to.  You want original, all new horror ideas?  Then watch Bad Milo! as soon as possible! (sidenote: For those of you who are stand up comedy fans, Kumail Nanjiani makes a fantastic appearance in this movie, as well. See? All the incentive you need!)



rosalindleigh1The Last Will & Testament of Rosalind Leigh (Rue Morgue Cinema)-While I will admit I’ve not kept up with the magazine since the departure of Jovanka Vuckovic, it’s not news to horror fans that Rue Morgue is one of the genre’s premiere magazines.  It’s founder, Rodrigo Gudino, has moved into the world of filmmaking and naturally the Rue Morgue imprint is the label associated with his work.  These sort of ventures don’t always pan out. Case in point, the movies Fangoria has put their stamp on…blech!  I was pleased to discover that Gudino’s film was not only refreshingly original, but scary as hell!  Going too far in depth with details is to give a lot of the movie away, but I will give a basic rundown of the story;  an antiques dealer inherits a gorgeous home from his mother who has passed away. The man and his mother had an estranged relationship which makes her leaving him her home all the more suspect.  Very quickly, he discovers his mother’s spirit still dwells within.  She uses objects in the home to leave him a very important message.  Amidst this fragmented message is the discovery that his mother was a member of strange cult who’s diete was a shrine…one that happens to be in this home.  You get a terrifying ride that builds its home on silence, atmosphere, and genuine scares.

Gudino is an impressive talent.  This movie is further proof that post-Rue Morgue art has the goods.  This is currently streaming on Netflix.  Don’t make me tell you twice, ya’ douche!


synapse logoThe Latest Releases from Synapse Films-I’m sure you all know our feelings here at The Blood Sprayer when it comes to Michigan-based sleaze distributors, Synapse Films.  Since our humble inception, Synapse is one of the companies we’ve covered extensively.  Why? Well, basically because their one of the best at what they do.  From classics like Brain Damage, to downright alien foreign freakouts like Singapore Sling, there’s simply no one in the business better at this than Synapse.

2013 has been another banner year for these guys.  As the blu-ray has taken over home viewing markets, Synapse is one of the companies who handled the transition perfectly by offering their blu-ray/DVD combos to the consumers.  They’ve continued their quest to bring classic and obscure genre films to the fans.  The prints are always vivid and they pack each disc to the gills with extras.  Simply put; Synapse kills it every time.  The most recent releases have been hot property:

*The sleaze epic Street Trash got a bitchin’ blu release!  Not only is the HD transfer stellar, but it also includes the original 16mm short that lead to the feature length version.  This is a genre classic…if you haven’t already bought this, you’re way overdue!*

*The Odd Angry Shot is an Aussie war film with a mean set of teeth on it. It’s the tale of a strange service battalion who’s goof-off time is interrupted by an enemy mortar.  Fun goes the way of the buffalo when this band of jokers is forced to stare the realities of war dead in the face.  It’s a stark contrast to what comes before it.  This is a killer Vietnam War flick that will resonate with you days after viewing.  I’d never actually heard of it prior to and have watched it on 2 separate occasions now.  You may have been familiar with it either, but if you’re a fan of war films, give this one a nod. It comes very highly recommended!

sexcula_webcov*Sexcula, while not a blu-ray release, is every bit the star-studded event one would expect from a title such as this.  It’s one of those famed lost films of the drive-in era.  As the story goes, this Canadian horror porn (you read that right. Horror Porn.) screened only once before somehow disappearing into the archives for 38 years!!! It’d had been written about by film buffs over the years and ultimately discussed as unreleased.    After a recent discovery, the Synapse imprint, Impulse Pictures, has blessed this planet with this once (considered to be) lost flick.  It’s obviously quite campy.  The lead is described in the liner notes as a “Marilyn Chambers lookalike” and this is certainly true. Sexcula is packed to the gills with nudity, sex, and horror.  After nearly 40 years in obscurity, to have a flick lick this resurface is rejuvenating.  This is a midnight trashfest worth getting your paws on!

The continued support of Synapse Films by both fans and media outlets alike ensures their ability to keep unearthing great movies from all over the globe.  Visit their site and spend some of your hard-earned dough in a proper fashion.




Back On Black-I know that there are plenty of vinyl junkies out there.  I’m a vinyl record buyer myself.  I’ve had up & down love affairs with it over the years but have taken part in the upswing that’s occurred as of late.  I’m not a collector.  Collectors are assholes. They buy to HAVE, not to enjoy.  I listen to my records.  A lot.  It’s a family event for us. My wife and kids enjoy it as much as I do.  We visit flea markets, estate sales, you name it.  AND we happen to live in a city that has some bitchin’ record shopping spots…it’s a vinyl fan’s dream!  But, as I’m sure all of you are aware, there’s always room for more.  That’s where Back On Black comes in.

BackOnBlack_new_LogoBack On Black started in 2004 with the objective of giving classic metal and rock albums a beautiful vinyl treatment for the fans of those genres.  In addition to the re-issue of those releases, they’re also a home for exclusive current releases by some of metal’s best.  The records are pressed on high quality, heavy grade vinyl.  The sound quality is great and the packaging is excellent.  Honestly, the pricing isn’t terrible, though, I will admit when you start to add overseas shipping things can get a bit costly.  Still, BoB does top notch work with the goal in mind of doing these great albums justice.  If you’re a fan of those timeless records, you’re going to find at least a few bitchin’ albums you’ll want to add to your wax stax.  I’ve personally picked up Witchfinder General’s Death Penalty, UFO’s Obsession, Rainbow’s Rising, and Point of Entry by Judas Priest all with stellar result.  The classic stuff is fantastic and I know that they’ve done good by everyone from Amorphis to Darkthrone when it comes to current releases.  Give their catalog a look here and bug your local record store to carry this hot action!






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