iCrime (2011) Review

iCrime (2011) Review

I’m not the most up to date when it comes to social media.  Yes I have a Facebook account (after years of people bugging me for not having one) and I am on Twitter (but purely to be up to date on horror and mma news since I spend little time online and I can read it from my cell phone) but I really don’t understand people spending hours online and blogging and Youtubeing.  That is why I had little to no interest in watching iCrime when I had it sent to me.  Unfortunately, I was right in not wanting to watch this one.

Let me try to lay down a basic plot for you guys.  iCrime is about a country girl named Carrie who moves out to Hollywood to live with her cousin Stefy who also happens to be a model.  Carrie is confronted by Evelyn from a sort of TMZ Internet rumors site who has a sex tape of Stefy, so in exchange for the tape not becoming public Carrie starts to investigate the disappearance of Jordan, an Internet star who is kidnapped during one of her live blogs.  Carrie leans on her friend Zeffer as well as her pseudo-boyfriend Gavin (who she only knows from Jordan fan club sites) to try and help her figure out if it was a real kidnapping or a ploy for publicity.

Just typing that out made my head hurt.  This story to me was so painfully stupid.  The thought that someone could be kidnapped, whether real or fake, and no authorities are ever involved is enough right there to make me want to turn it off.  The story tries to be cute with a twist near the end that you can see coming a mile ahead, unless of course you are new to thrillers.  I also hold a bias on the fact that Internet celebrities is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.  Consider me old fashioned, but somebody who has nothing better to do than sit around in front of their computer and share every detail about their lives is as uninteresting as it gets.  I have my own life to deal with everyday, I could care less about someone I don’t personally know.  I will give the movie credit that I believe it was also trying to make fun of that with some of the “Internet reactions” that are sprinkled around the movie, but I just can’t get into a movie about a topic I have less than no interest in.

On the plus side, all of the actors do an admirable job with the material that they were handled (highlighted by lead Sara Fletcher who does an extremely good job) and the movies cinematography looks great.  Technically there is nothing wrong with iCrime, it is put together brilliantly by first time director Bears Fonte’.

Definitely not the movie for me, I would pass on iCrime.  It was a paint by numbers thriller with a headache inducing plot, but it is beautifully put together and has some great acting performances.

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