I Think I Might’ve Just Blu Myself…

I Think I Might’ve Just Blu Myself…


For Horror fans there’s plenty of treats coming your way in the form of new Blu-Ray releases of some cult classic favorites!


Blue Underground is realizing Torso in both Regular and also a Uncensored English Version.

Expect this to drop on shelves September 27th.


Synapse Films has Maniac Cop hitting the mean streets of Blu-Ray on October 11th .

Special Features include:

-New 2011 2K HD Restoration of the Original UnalteredTheatrical Release Version

      -DTS-HD MA 6.1 Surround / DTS-HD MA 4.0 Surround / DTS HD-MA 2.0 Stereo -MANIAC COP MEMORIES – Interview with Robert Z’Dar (HD) -OUT THE WINDOW  Interview with Tom Atkins (HD)
      -Motion Still Gallery (HD)
      -Theatrical Trailer and TV Spot
      -Additional Scenes Filmed for Japanese Television
      -Spanish Radio Spot


Blue Underground drops a double whammy on  you with two releases the same day. Zombi attacks Blu-Ray on October 25th in a Two Disc ULTIMATE EDITION.

 Blue Underground is proud to present ZOMBIE in a new 2K High Definition transfer from the original uncut and uncensored camera negative. Each flesh-eating frame has been lovingly restored to skull-rotting perfection under the supervision of Cinematographer Sergio Salvati (THE BEYOND). Now fully-loaded with hours of brand new Extras, this is the Ultimate Edition of ZOMBIE!


Also releasing on a Special Edition Blu-Ray the same day is House by the Cemetery.

Catriona MacColl (THE BEYOND), Paolo Malco (THE NEW YORK RIPPER), Ania Pieroni (TENEBRE), Carlo De Mejo (CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD), and Dagmar Lassander (HATCHET FOR THE HONEYMOON) star in this outrageous Italian shocker from ‘The Godfather of Gore,’ Lucio Fulci (ZOMBIE, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD). Now Blue Underground proudly presents the definitive version of THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY: freshly transferred in blood-soaked High Definition from its original uncut and uncensored negative and loaded with exclusive new Extras!


Frankenhooker will be released on Blu-Ray by Synapse Films November 28th.

Synapse Films is proud to present the uncut version of FRANKENHOOKER in an all-new 2K high-definition transfer created from original vault materials and digitally re-mastered 5.1 surround sound!

Special Features include:

        -AUDIO COMMENTARY with Director Frank Henenlotter and Make-Up Effects Designer Gabe Bartalos
         -A SALAD THAT WAS ONCE NAMED ELIZABETH – Patty Mullen Featurette

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Born in the steel scrap-yards of Lorain, Ohio, Zach Shildwachter is a VHS Vagabond wandering the Cleveland landscape in search of the perfect Horror movie and Banana flavored snacks in preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse. Until the Dead walk, our Hero remains an Aspiring Filmmaker, Compulsive Writer, Self-taught Artist, and amateur Super-Hero.

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  1. Frankenhooker looks beautiful on blu-ray! Synapse sold advanced copies over the weekend in Cleveland. Haven’t watched the Maniac Cop yet but they were hyping it’s transfer. Preordered both Fulci flicks for October already. Heard rumor that Grindhouse Releasings gonna finally head into blu-ray in 2012 with Cannibal Holocaust with a ton of new features.

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