I Spill Your Guts (2012) Review

I Spill Your Guts (2012) Review

It’s a new year which means new reviews!  First up on the chopping block is indie slasher/revenge film I Spill Your Guts!

I Spill Your Guts is the tale of Dennis and Joe.  They are old friends who both sign up to go overseas to fight in Afghanistan.  While on a routine mission the two come under heavy enemy fire.  Joe immediately freaks out, and is only saved when Dennis stands in front of a bullet for him.  Unfortunately, military doctors give Dennis only a few hours to live.  When Joe tells Dennis’s comatose body that he took all the credit and is being shipped home early with hero honors, Dennis gets a new will to live.  But not only does he want to live, he wants Joe and everyone close to him to die.


What can I say about I Spill Your Guts?  Director James Balsamo definitely has a very good idea for a movie in mind, and I was really looking forward to watching it.  This is the type of movie I like to call a “Wasteland Movie” because if I were watching it in a crowded room full of half liquored up horror fans it would be hilarious and a grand time.  Unfortunately, I was watching the movie at home alone, and it felt much lamer than I expected.

Most of the issues I had with the movie are issues that I have on other no budget slasher movies as well, lack of character development and blaring death metal soundtrack.  I love slasher flicks, and the original ways people can come up with to kill characters, but if I don’t know a single person’s name or care about them it takes a ton of the enjoyment out of the experience.  High body counts are great, but I need a little meat on them bones too.  Mix in this issue with a loud, obnoxious death metal soundtrack, and all of the kills that I am ready to enjoy become lame filler as I wait too get back to the main story.  I’m sure there is a market out there that love the combination of high body count with loud metal music, but it’s not me.

I spill your guts-knife

I was also disappointed in the fact that the movie was called I Spill Your Guts and advertises that it’s unrated, but most of the kills were done off camera.  I understand it’s a low budget movie, and effects cost money to pull off, but I felt a little gypped.   One final minor issue is the large number of guest spots featuring the likes of Lloyd Kaufman, Lynn Lowry, Balls Mahoney, and Andrew W.K.  I have no issues with guest spots, and I am a fan of everyone that was added to the movie, but I would think some of the extra cash that probably went into adding names could have gone to better use on those kills I mentioned.

I will say that I Spill Your Guts has a lot of heart in it and James Balsamo has a lot of good ideas and a bright future if he continues to make movies.  I didn’t want it to sound like I hated the movie, just that I was disappointed in the execution.  But what do I know?  I have never made a movie.  Watch it for yourself and prove me wrong.  I Spill Your Guts is out now on DVD from Acid Bath Productions.

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