I Sold My Soul to Satan (2010) Review

I Sold My Soul to Satan (2010) Review

I’m guilty of sometimes judging a book by it’s cover, especially when it comes to low budget horror flicks. Blockbuster’s shelves are lined with insanely cheesy cover art or awful titles, and I did the same thing when I first looked at I Sold My Soul to Satan. Who would name their movie that? Turns out it’s not a fictional movie but a documentary, and I Sold My Soul to Satan is the perfect title!

After the opening credits we are shown audition tapes from a number of sad souls (pun intended) who are answering a Craigslist ad to sell their soul in the hopes of whatever their hearts desire.  Most of the people are looking for fame and fortune, with nobody mentioning world peace.  Eventually the producers decide on Kai Blackwood, a 40 year old metal head who’s never been given the fame he feels he deserves.  So desperate for one final chance at stardom, he’s gonna try Satan to help give him what he wants.  He hooks up with occult expert Jymie Darling as his guide, and he begins his journey reading books, fasting, and rounding up supplies to first write his letter declaring his intentions, and finally ending with the black ceremony to seal the deal.

I Sold My Soul to Satan is a fabulous documentary showing this man’s journey to improve his life.  Kai is a very enthusiastic character that adds a level of humor that makes him quite likeable.  Then you have Jymie, who is a little creepy at  times, but is an extremely smart person and a definite expert when it comes to the occult.  That makes her a wonderful selection as guide on Kai’s journey.

The only issues with I Sold Your Soul to Satan have nothing to do with the documentary, but with the subject matter.  I have to admit a slight bias in the thought of someone being dense enough to want to sell their soul for money and fame, to me it’s totally mind-blowing.  I understand that not everyone is gonna believe in a God, but to me your soul is your internal being.  I couldn’t help but think back to the classic Simpson’s episode where Bart sold his soul to Milhouse and all the hilarity that ensued.  Jymie brings up an excellent point that the journey to actually round up all the supplies to sell your soul was designed to take a long time so that the person had numerous opportunities to change their mind, and that things are definitely different today.  There is a crazy scene of Kai shopping in what could only be the Costco of the occult where he walks around with a shopping cart buying special parchment and candles and the like.  How could candles have that kind of power when any schmuck could walk in and buy one?  It’s hard for me to take the dark arts seriously when anyone has access to magical items so easily. No offense to people that are into the occult and understand more about it than I do, perhaps I just need a little education on the topic.

Coming November 8th to DVD from Chemical Burn Entertainment, I Sold My Soul to Satan is a fun, fast paced documentary that anyone who is into documentaries, or the dark arts should enjoy.

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