House of Sin (Chemical Burn Entertainment; 2011)

House of Sin (Chemical Burn Entertainment; 2011)

Greetings, readers. I’ve been sitting on a couple screeners Wes sent me, and it’s time to give them a view. First up, HOUSE OF SIN, a 1982 XXX hardcore flick featuring amputee starlet “Long” Jean Sil — what’s that? This isn’t the 1982 Jean Silver film? Well then. Scratch that.  This is 2011 film HOUSE OF SIN from Chemical Burn Entertainment, featuring music by “rap star Dap C” and rock band No Redemption.  Let’s take a look, shall we?

Welcome to the House of Sin, a Victorian-era hotel converted into a den of S&M debauchery.  It’s run by a mysterious, heavy-set older man known only as The Mage.  We also have the everpresent Narrator, who lives in the house and performs odd jobs in exchange for quarters.

What follows is an intensely formulaic softcore S&M montage/anthology.  Here’s how it goes.  A song starts, an individual (or individuals) enter a room that looks like it belongs in your grandmother’s house, the music amplifies in volume so that you can’t hear the people on camera as they montage through their “wildest” fantasies — some examples include the chastest lesbian makeout scene I’ve seen since 1996’s KISS OF THE VAMPIRE, a fairly weak spanking, and eating a pastry.  I’m not making this up.  Each sequence ends with the Narrator’s philosophical ruminations on Freedom, and how people are never truly Free.  While the perverts coming to the House of Sin do so to “free” themselves from their drab everyday lives, they’re actually locking themselves in a different set of shackles.  Gee, thanks Rudolf Steiner.

This gets fairly monotonous and even, dare I say, boring, quickly.  Yes, I got bored during a nonstop cavalcade of female nudity.  And that’s really the film’s only redeeming feature is that it’s a parade of bare breasts in every commonly-found shape and size.  So while Chesty Morgan isn’t present, basically everything else is.  And if you turn the sound off to silence the Narrator, you can maybe enjoy the boobs.

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