HOUSE CALL Showing at a Film Fest Near You?

HOUSE CALL Showing at a Film Fest Near You?

From Erik L Wilson, filmmaker from the Chicago, comes a new entrant into the film festival circuit, House Call. With new movie season right around the corner and the summer ripe with fresh opportunities to catch the latest independent efforts consider yourself lucky that this film is among the contenders.

Synopsis: Janice does the unthinkable in order to start a new life with her new boyfriend. However, strange things begin to happen on the night of their one year anniversary.

House Call — Horror Short — Trailer from Erik L. Wilson on Vimeo.

Having judged a film festival recently (article coming soon on that experience) I can tell you that this is a definite contender for at least a nod from one of the horror fests out there if not award worthy. Erik Wilson has put together a quality film and while it didn’t exactly scare me (most because William Shatner wasn’t being attacked by a pile of killer tarantulas) it is entertaining. There’s an overabundance of rather shotty filmsmanship out there.  If you submit a film to a festival and the audience can’t understand the dialogue due to deafening white noise, consider not submitting that film. If a film is dark… I mean darker than any color in the Crayola arsenal… so dark you can’t differentiate between a moving, raging killer and the lamp that the killer just knocked over… DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR FILM. Wilson’s efforts, on the other hand, are of excellent quality. Good sound. Well lit. Professional. It was shot on the Red One camera which ain’t your mama and daddy’s Betamax camcorder.

The overall story line plays out like a rather typical spiritual revenge film but still has certain novel hints that allow it play in front of  genre fans. At least one makeup job had me thinking Drag Me To Hell; I think this is a strength considering the success of that film and the quality of the effects.

Keep your eyes out for this effort. Let’s see how the circuit gives Wilson a house call (sad trombone inserted here).

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