Horror Shorts Featured Director – Keitj T. Alin

Horror Shorts Featured Director – Keitj T. Alin

Cleveland, Ohio based filmmaker Keitj T. Alin has a bright and blood-filled future in front of himself. Working the wide open film territory of Lake Erie, he has begun to amass a strong resume of short films and music videos that deliver a unique vision thanks to Keitj’s editing skills, musical score accompaniment, and a cadre of horror influences.

Here is the Red Band Teaser Trailer for his new short film, A BARGE AND ITS WIND.

The Official Synopsis:

In the early winter months of 2011, an unmarked barge docked at the Port of Cleveland, Ohio, changing everything. On the ship was an experimental, chemical weapon that accidentally leaked into the atmosphere turning the shore line into a blood tide. The federal government zoned off sections of the city, wherein extraction points were designated for civilians to take refuge.

A BARGE AND ITS WIND has designs for the festival circuit and shows quite a bit of promise as DVDs are beginning to make the rounds since its World Premiere. Having viewed the film, Keitj utilizes the stark industrial surroundings of Cleveland to his advantage. A dystopian film about a government conspiracy involving a mysterious boat docked in Cleveland’s harbor, the movie has a tremendous amount of ambition for such a young talent. The look and feel is an art house aesthetic on classic gore driven genre fare to create a blend of science gone wrong with the supernatural. The characters of the story are a bit murky to understand as Keitjrelies more on a cinematic narrative delivered through camera movement and special effects rather than a full on story structure. You’re immediately thrust into trying to understand your surroundings when the terror attacks in this experimental horror short. My opinion is that with a larger budget Keitj’s efforts could draw him comparisons to Clive Barker and Matthew Barney in the same breath. The sense of style is unique as it ushers in a feeling of confusion with the graphic content fueling the film’s progression. The allegories of science fiction to the supernatural would be more defined in a feature length film, but it packs quite a punch despite its shoestring budget. Its further success willlargely be attributed to Keitj’s devoted cast and crew and their continued involvement in his next project.

Here is Keitj’s first short film titled La Recherche. He states this about its content and purpose:

This film is a minimalist, slow moving portrait that examines the last step of self realization of a young man’s material recession. It is what it is and the drawn out sequencing is an intentional examination and an exercise of patience.

Be warned, though amateur in production, content is graphic.

Please do not take that warning lightly.

You can view more of Keitj’s work here as well as read his blog here.

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