Horror Shorts Featured Director: Justin Anderson

Horror Shorts Featured Director: Justin Anderson

Be warned. This post is NSFW and if that’s the case your job sucks, and you should quit to work somewhere you can read my ramblings without fear of termination.

That being stated, here is a short film, or rather I guess commercial, that you’d never quite expect to make heads or tails of unless you were related to Matthew Barney, had Madonna’s old wardrobe, and a penchant for Horror movies. From Epoch Films of London and Agent Provocateur, something wicked this way comes…

Agent Provocateur presents “Les Fleurs du Mal” a film directed by Justin Anderson  and produced by Epoch Films.  This short film is to celebrate the launch of Soiree Collection 2011-2012.

Written and directed by Justin Anderson, the short definitely invokes inspirations from many a Slasher film into something undauntedly sexy and unnerving, like a secret fetish you hide and wish someone would find out about and be into it too. And really folks, that’s why they invented the Internet. You can draw allusions to vampires, or zombies, or whatever, just keep your pants on. Agent Provocateur has always been on the forefront of bridging old school Burlesque styles with modern comfort and contemporary design. To prove that point they commissioned Epoch Films for this little spot to showcase their 2011-2012 lingerie line. This is where you wheel Grandma in front of the room before hitting play.

Being that the Internet is falling prey to politicians looking to get re-elected through electronic censorship and questionable online content, there is the possibility that it is viewable only from the Vimeo site which you can click here. It’s interesting to see sex and simulated violence still used to sell you something.

What do you think? Chime in with an opinion, boils and ghouls. It would be very interesting to hear from both sides of the chromosome sets.

Is this clever or sexist? Has marketing and viral videos finally gone too far? Have we forgotten what art is supposed to look like? Is Sexy the new Scary or maybe, it’s the other way around…?

For those interested the song featured is “Gay Ninja” by Omaha Bitch.

Click here for Agent Provocatuer’s suggestions on the perfect Christmas gift.

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  1. Man, if only lingerie commercials this awesome were played on heavy rotation year round I’d buy it all the time! 😀

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