Horror Shorts Featured Director – Jeremiah Kipp

Horror Shorts Featured Director – Jeremiah Kipp

Jeremiah KippJeremiah Kipp’s name shows up in quite a few independent horror films from the past ten years. His work has developed him a reputation as a well respected and trusted resource amongst the indie community.
Jeremiah Kipp is a writer, director, and producer and has served as assistant director on several films including
I Sell The Dead and Satan Hates You starring Angus Scrimm.
His short films also include Snapshot, The Christmas Party and The Pod and he is also a contributing writer to Fangoria magazine and many other publications.

Jeremiah Kipp on Contact
“I decided to create a reboot of The Pod, but one that pared the narrative down to the essential, would be shot in minimalist black and white, and create an intense and mystifying mood piece for the viewer. I found it a very emotional picture to make, and thus a very satisfying one for me and the audience…I think they responded to the romanticism of the movie as much as the horror!”

Reviews of Contact
“It’s a beautifully made film — I loved the mouth tunnel!  In fact, I think I did that drug once upon a time. Excellent.  Keep makin’ em!”
– Frank Henenlotter, director of BASKET CASE and BAD BIOLOGY

“While it has a running time of only 11 minutes, CONTACT feels much more substantial because of its message and depth…Absolutely intense!  Amazing on all levels: sound design, camera, lighting, acting – this one is going to win a ton of awards.” – Marla Newborn, Fangoria

“Felt like a chapter out of my own dating history. I love the mouth-to-mouth connection and the face tear. Kipp, you are one sick fucker!”
– Paul Solet, director of GRACE

“A very evocative and effectively grotesque mood piece, one which makes very striking use of black-and-white and widescreen — and a suitably dread-inducing drone soundscape.  Technically, this is among the most accomplished short films I’ve seen in quite some time, easily on par with equivalent features.” – Travis Crawford, Programmer, Philadelphia Cinema Alliance/Philadelphia CineFest & noted horror journalist

contact drugs

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