Horror Shorts Featured Director – Dan Riesser

Horror Shorts Featured Director – Dan Riesser

Irrational Films and director Dan Riesser deliver one helluva a face-stomping good time with NIGHT OF THE PUNKS. It’s already garnered well deserved attention from Horror Film Festivals like Scream Fest and Dragon Con and is only starting to build up steam. Drawing large doses of inspiration from RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, the film follows the punk band The Brain Dead on their first road gig. Things seem out of place when there isn’t many fans at the venue but The Brain Dead rip into the rock ‘n roll. Soon it’s faces being ripped into as the band mates discover the creepy promoter has an ulterior motive for booking this gig, Ritual Sacrifice to blood thirsty Demons! Can Punk Rock overcome Satan’s minions?

This short film jabs like a broken bottle, sharp and gritty. The special effects are top notch and run the gaunlet of decapitations to eye gouging. The hard work put into delivering this bit of movie magic really thrusts the film head and shoulders above anything you’re likely to find at any current film festival. The soundtrack from Murderland delivers a full audio assault that fuels this short to its blood soaked, ooze dripping finale. It’s a fun-filled slaughter fest that will make you double-check your calender that it’s not the late 1980s. The spirit of VHS horror is captured perfectly and actually leaves you wanting more.

You can find out more from the Official NIGHT OF THE PUNKS Website. Learn more about screenings and other inside info about this short at the NIGHT OF THE PUNKS Production Blog. Word is this short is currently being developed by the filmmakers as a possible feature film. Be sure to keep an eye out for this gem on the festival circuit.

Here is Dan’s full short Horror/Comedy, DOWNSIZED.

The Official Synopsis:

A corporate boss calls his employees in for a late meeting with the intention of killing them all.

Dan has this note about the project:

I shot this film in 2007 in Santa Monica, CA over four nights. It was shot on a Panasonic HVX-200, edited in Final Cut Studio 2. I made it for around $2500. I submitted it to a bunch of festivals, it got in a few, won an award in Sacramento.

It’s my first horror short, but hopefully not my last. I met some great talented people while making it and got to learn some new filmmaking tricks. All in all, it was a fantastic experience.

Dan is in the midst of looking for investors to turn Downsized into a feature film. You can find more offerings from Irrational Films by clicking here. You can view their other videos here.

Be sure to check them out on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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