Horror on the Go!

Horror on the Go!

Now, I am quite sure that you, the reader are a lot like us at The Blood Sprayer. You can’t get enough horror, you are constantly on the go and you only can (or only care to) devote about 20 minutes to any one thing. If that is the case then you definitely need to check out Popcorn Horror.

Popcorn Horror is “Your essential horror companion on the move”. Horror fans and film fans alike will enjoy this mobile phone app, which provides a unique experience unlike any other seen before. It brings you bite sized horror movies providing a cinematic experience in the palm of your hand.

In a thriving and innovative market place, as a digital start up company Popcorn Horror is aiming to bring its audience and filmmakers a faster, cheaper and more efficient application. It not only rewards content and loyalty but allows today’s digital generation a stage to share their thoughts and observations on horror content, and connects them with like minded individuals from around the world.

Popcorn Horror was founded in Scotland and since it was launched (appropriately) on Halloween 2011, the app has been steadily growing, expanding its market and has major and exciting plans for the future.

Being fed up seeing the same type of movie, or yet another remake, Popcorn Horror had the entrepreneurial idea to show that you don’t need to be a world famous movie producer to create an incredible film. Having the backing of Starter for 6 funding, Popcorn Horror has been developing this niche they have found ever since.

The unique characteristic of the app is that it gives grass roots filmmakers the chance to get their movies seen all over the world,  and what differentiates it from the likes of You Tube and My Space for example is that the filmmakers get paid for any material Popcorn Horror may use.

Popcorn Horror believes in the true essence of film making and would love to get more innovative and creative individuals involved. Their new strategy involves targeting universities and film schools to raise awareness among those who share their passion, to promote the app among its target audience and to offer budding filmmakers a platform to get any short horror films in the making a chance to be seen.

As well as providing you with a weekly dose of horror movies the app also includes horror quotes, news and reviews, wallpapers, ringtones and much more.  It has been described by one user as a “nice little surprise, downloaded it not expecting much but was thoroughly engaged after one use.” So check it out for yourself and see if you have found the thrilling film experience promised.


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