Horror Battle Royale…’Scribblenauts’ Style! ROUND 3

Horror Battle Royale…’Scribblenauts’ Style! ROUND 3

Down to the Final Four in The Horror Battle Royale!  Today’s match up pits Vampire against Serial Killer and Cthulhu against Loch Ness Monster.  Who will come out on top to face each other for bragging rights and forever reign supreme over the horror kingdom?  Let’s get it on!



Match 1:  Vampire vs. Serial Killer…OK-let me say this.  As a game, ‘Scribblenauts’ never ceases to amaze.  Sometimes, things occur in the game that make you stop and say, “What in the hell just happened?”  Just when you are used to how things generally play out, something will happen that takes you by surprise.  This battle is such an example.  Serial Killer lunges for Vampire.  Vampire strikes and knocks the sword from Serial Killer’s hands and then attacks…POOF!  Serial Killer is transformed into Ghoul and ambles away…now a minion of Vampire!



Match 2:  The two biggest monsters in our little contest.  This battle in all honesty takes up almost the entire screen!  Cthulhu flails his massive arms as Loch Ness snaps that vicious neck, using his head as a battering ram; a small battering ram when compared to the behemoth it is up against.  In the end, Cthulhu is too much monster for the urban legend to handle…Cthulhu wins, Cthulhu wins!


So there you have it.  Our final showdown is set…VAMPIRE vs. CTHULHU…coming to The Blood Sprayer tomorrow!



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