Horror Battle Royale…’Scribblenauts’ Style! ROUND 2

Horror Battle Royale…’Scribblenauts’ Style! ROUND 2

If you missed this week’s earlier post, let me catch you up to speed.  Scribblenauts-> cute puzzle game-> I use as death match simulator-> king of the horror world determined->fan boys weep and cry foul (or not.)  Gets your bets in now, cause here comes Round 2!

Here’s where things were left standing after Round 1:




Match 1:  It’s ‘Twilight!’  It’s ‘Underworld!’  It’s Vampire vs. Werewolf!  In what could have been a toss up, this was a heavily one-sided fight.  Vampire is tired of hearing all of that “Team Jacob” bullshit and lays waste to the hairy man-beast in a faster time than it took for him to slay the zombie in the previous Round 1 match-up.  Congratulations Vampire- you are moving on to Round 3!




Match 2:  Serial Killer vs. Demon?  Does this even seem fair?  Many people hold the belief that serial killers are possessed by demons so this is basically a demon fighting  a  demon wearing a human skin suit which is able to be killed fairly easy in comparison (oh, and I forgot…also looking like a gay, pissed off Roman ninja.)  Well guess what?  If someone comes callin’ to hand me an ass-whoppin’, I will be meeting them at the door dressed like a gay, pissed off Roman ninja that mofo can throw down!  Serial Killer- you are moving on to Round 3! 



Match 3:  In a battle that wages for longer than the usual match-ups, Cthulhu wails on the man-ape who delivers the over-head blows that helped him defeat Yeti (“I think you mean Winter Wonderland!!)  in the previous round.  But alas, the fist and monkey yells are no match for the tentacle-mouthed monster.  Cthulhu…you are moving on to Round 3!



Match 4:  Here are two opponents that bring two very different abilities to the table.  On one hand, the Jersey Devil has the gift of flight.  On the other hand, Loch Ness Monster has the extended reach of his (her) elongated neck.  Hmmm…Long neck…wings…long neck…wings…long neck…wings?  Looks like a long neck isn’t just good for self-pleasuring- it also wins ass-kicking contests!  Nessie- you are moving on to Round 3!

So, at the end of Round 2…here is what you can look forward to with Round 3!



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  1. Like i said in round 1, the vampire will win.

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