Horror Battle Royale…’Scribblenauts’ Style! FINAL BOUT!!!

Horror Battle Royale…’Scribblenauts’ Style! FINAL BOUT!!!

That’s right loyal Blood Sprayer reader…it all comes down to this.  This one’s for all the marbles- the Final Bout of the Horror Battle Royal.  Over the course of the tournament, we’ve seen some upsets and some wacky outcomes.  We’ve seen favorites move on with ease and a serial killer dressed like a ninja with a cape…and it all comes down to these two:  Vampire vs. Cthulhu!  The Blood Sucker vs. The Lovecraftian Beast!  Who will walk away the supreme ruler of horror land?  Here we go!……………………………………



Cthulhu towers over Vampire and is quick to strike.  Cthulhu wails over and over again- every strike landing with precision on Vampire.  What is Vampire’s reaction?  He runs towards Cthulhu for more!  For every three hits taken, Vampire is able to only dish out one back at Cthulhu.  In the long run, those small little hits seem to add up and Cthulhu is brought to his knees by the strikes Vampire is able to deliver.  In the match with the most blows delivered, Vampire beats Cthulhu! 




Scribblenauts- it’s not just a game…it’s bragging rights.  Come fall of 2010, it’s also going to be Super!  Scribblenauts 2, called Super Scribblenauts, will be hitting the DS by the end of the year.  What’s gonna be new?  How about adjectives?  That’s right- nouns PLUS adjectives!  AWESOME!  So, stay tuned to The Blood Sprayer this fall for the Sad Serial Killer vs. the Weepy Werewolf!

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