HOLY F@#K!!!! Three Awesome Posters To Assault Your Face With!!!

HOLY F@#K!!!! Three Awesome Posters To Assault Your Face With!!!

Some hot ass posters landed their hot…asses…I guess(?)…on the internet today.  These posters are reason to be excited.  They’re all 3 movies that The Blood Sprayer cult will pay our hard earned/stolen money to see.  Let’s get into it…



First up, the one and only King Of Monster Island is making a proper…and respectable…return to the silver screen in May. Don’t act a fool-go see this shit.  May 16th. Godzilla.  Write it down.



Next up, the next feature from House Of The Devil director Ti West, The Sacrament.  West has a killer track record when it comes to feature lengths (his V/H/S entries…not so much) and this one has all the right moves.   Plus, Eli Roth is the executive producer apparently.  The Sacrament hits On Demand May 1st and theatres June 6th via the fine folks at Magnet Releasing.


Our final entry in the awesome trifecta is none other than The Raid 2: Berandal.  The first installment blasted people in the chest so with such a ferocity, it was inevitable that it would become an instant cult installment.  Now, we’re preparing for the release of the sequel and what better way to do so than with a brand spankin’ new poster?  The Raid 2 lands March 18th.  Not to be missed.


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