Henrique Couto Recommends You “Don’t Listen In The Dark”

Henrique Couto Recommends You “Don’t Listen In The Dark”

I wanna take a quick minute to share something a little different for all of you out there celebrating Halloween. Filmmaker/musician Henrique Couto recently took some time to record Don’t Listen In The Dark: Volume 2 (which you can get via digital download or limited edition CD here). DLITD is an audio collection of original short stories read to you by Henrique.  The CD includes the following tracks:

1.  Cell Count – an over-confident prison warden begins to get too much power over the inmates.  That is, until a nasty storm rolls into town….

2.  Fair Scare – a group of bank robbers run into some issues when it’s time to split up the cash…

3.  Paranoid – a musical interlude of ukulele infused pop punk…

4.  Just One Drink – a womanizer drugs women to get what he wants out of the date….

5.  Grave Rubbing – a lonely man spends his evenings in an empty graveyard, until he gets a visitor…

I’m not gonna break down each individual story, but DLITD instantly made me think back to my younger days reading “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”.  I swear in junior high those books were constantly checked out of the school library, and I was one of the guilty ones who borrowed them numerous times.  The tales that Henrique tells are all exceptionally well written, and adding in some background music and sound effects (save the last track which was recorded in an actual graveyard at 1am) really gives them an old school radio show feel to the album.  Honestly, the stories would make a damn fine film anthology if Henrique ever decided to film them (leaps and bounds above the atrocious Deadtime Stories collections that George A. Romero loaned his sacred name too).

In the end, if you’re looking for something truly original this Halloween, check out Don’t Listen In The Dark.  It has a lot of old school charm to it, and would make for a fine companion on a long car ride alone in the dark.  Also of note to Bloodsprayer readers, Henrique’s last genre film Bleeding Through (review here) is set to be released nationwide this January, and we hope to have some news on a new slasher project that he has in the works soon.  And as always, support independent cinema (and audio books?).

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