Updated: Help Support an Amazing Cause!

Updated: Help Support an Amazing Cause!

UPDATED: For those of you who have been unable to secure a shirt or were not a fan of the design, you can donate directly to Leisha’s cancer treatment fund here.

Fright Rags, as many of you already know, is constantly doing something to give back. Now in recognition of breast cancer awareness month, they have truly outdone themselves.

This design was created not only to raise awareness about one of the most prevalent diseases affecting our country but also to help a very special woman  Leisha Davison-Yasol. Here is her touching story, directly from Ben and the Fright Rags Crew:

I just wanted to take a moment to introduce you to my friend Leisha.
She is 34 years old, a mom to two young boys, and currently battling a
serious and aggresive breast cancer.

Over a year ago, her husband lost his job – and therefore they lost their insurance too. This is part of the reason why the cancer is so advanced- because no one would see her, to help her find out if something was really wrong. Leisha finally found some great doctors who would see her – and they helped her find a medical plan that would could help- but her battle is just beginning, and she’s struggled so much already.

Leisha started chemotherapy in May (you can see the shunt which delivers
the medication in the picture, on her chest, to her right)- and she has lost her hair, which you can see was quite long and beautiful. She still has a year left of treatment, and meanwhile her and her husband still face the challenge of paying their bills and taking care of their children.

So for the month of October, we will be selling this exclusive limited t-shirt –
and all proceeds will be donated to Leisha and her family.

Leisha’s wish is that everyone who might hear her story, never ever give up on seeking help and detecting the disease early with regular check ups, breast exams and if recommended, mammograms. Often times younger people can be dismissed by doctors or dismiss warnings themselves- believing that it is too soon to worry…it is never too soon to save your life!

I’ve already bought two and if I can find a way, I’ll buy several more. There aren’t many other words that can be said…action is needed now. I cannot stress what a truly amazing cause this is and it is my sincere hope that everyone come together and show our support. Let’s show that Halloween can be a new season of giving.

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