Going Out in Style: Low Budget Pictures 20th Anniversary Farewell Throw Down

Going Out in Style: Low Budget Pictures 20th Anniversary Farewell Throw Down

Palace Theater’s Brew & View presents the Low Budget Pictures 20th Anniversary Farewell Throw Down.

One of the longest running micro-budget movie companies around, Low Budget Pictures, has sadly reached the end of the road. Our bearded leader Wes broke the sad state of affairs here, but now is not a time to commiserate, but to celebrate! The time has come to reflect on independent cinema and have a good time doing it with the true spirit of DIY film making with all the fine folks behind it all.

There will be a landmark event of 8 films screening from both DVD and 35mm film prints including:


When a group of college kids head off to their friend’s cabin for a little high octane sex weekend, they get more than they bargained for in the form of the evil scarecrow killer, jimmy van Brunt! Seems like nobody is safe at a spooky cabin in the woods these days. Experience characters that will make you want to howl with laughter and constipation! One part Friday the 13th, 2parts horrid orgasm and 3 parts cream cheese, wonder aloud, Who will survive this terror at blood fart lake?!







Its “Ernest Goes To Camp” meets “Meatballs” Meets “Surviving The Game!” When Teenape gets suckered into co-counseling at a local camp with Heather Bocliadochi (Meredith Host), He gets more than he bargained for when….oh well you have to SEE what happens in this action packed comedy filled with more twists than a penis with scoliosis!

GEEK WAR (2010)

Geek War tells the tale of a mysterious VHS tape that dwells in the comic book shop of Deathbone (Billy Garberina), the eccentric barbarian shop owner. Deathbone has priced this tape at 1500 bucks and in 25 years nobody has ever forked over the cash to buy it, until now. Max Havoc (Kurt Indovina), uber geek and all around “nice guy” has been saving up so that he and his gang (Meredith Host, Shawn C. Phillips) of buffoons can purchase the rare item and enjoy it once and for all. Also pining for the tape is the richest nerd on the block, Papillion St. Croix (Josh Suire), who thinks he’s god’s gift to the world. Little do they know that Deathbone has sold the tape to a very unlikely person…a HOT CHICK (Raine Brown)!? Thus begins the Geek War. Both Max and Papillion fight to claim the tape as their own from the clutches of Tangerine, the hot girl in question. Both sides pull every trick in the book to seduce Tangerine in hopes of grasping the tape as their own. In the course of trying to win her heart, Max ends up falling for Tangerine, and that is when the REAL trouble begins. Will Papillion be victorious and get the tape? Will Max and Tangerine fall head over heels for each other? What is on this tape that is causing all of the mayhem! Watch and find out folks as you leap fist first into the GEEK WAR.

And the premiere of the Troma/Low Budget Pictures of TEENAPE VS THE MONSTER NAZI APOCALYPSE(2009) starring Debbie Rochon!

In the Biggest LBP flick to date-Teenape along with almost every character from the LBP universe must stop a diabolical plan by Nazi warriors to bring back Hitler and to wash the land in blood and carnage. Bonejack, Teenape and the gang get all kinds of bloody in an all out attack across time and dimensions-Witness this ONE TIME ONLY screening of the film in a Rough Cut provided by Troma Entertainment!!!

JR BOOKWALTER’S 80’s Zombie Classic THE DEAD NEXT DOOR (1985)

The movie features an elite team of soldiers, the “Zombie Squad,” who have been enlisted by the government to deal with a growing epidemic of zombies, while scientists work towards a cure for the virus that creates them. The squad must also fight against a religious cult which wishes to protect and enable the zombies, believing them to be a punishment ordained by God. Many of the characters are named after people who have made their marks in the horror and zombie movie fields, such as Savini, Romero, Raimi, and King. Produced By Sam Raimi and with a character voiced by Bruce Campbell.

A 35mm screening of NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE (1986)

No words can really do it proper. This over the top cheesey action flick stars John Stamos as a super 007 style agent who must stop both sex organed Gene Simmons from taking over the world’s water supply and rule the planet??? This thing has Vanity from under Prince’s loins, Barbarians, Gadget making sidekicks that wields a blow torch and ROBERT ENGLAND! You can NOT miss this slice of gold turd.

A 35mm screening of BLOOD RAGE aka [NIGHTMARE AT SHADOW WOODS] (1987)

Todd and Terry are twins. They are blonde, cute, bright and identical in every respect, with one exception. One of them is a murderer. This starts one night at a drive-in theater when a teenager was slaughtered in the back seat of his car while his girlfriend watched. Todd is found guilty for the heinous crime and is locked away in an asylum. Years passed and Terry lives happily with his mother (Louise Lasser), who smothers him with enough love for two sons. All is fine until one night they received news that Todd escaped. The nightmare begins once again and out of its forbidding darkness steps a maniacal killer, raging for blood.

In between films there will be give aways-prizes, Q&A session from members of Low Budget Picture’s 20 years in entertainment. There will be plenty of DVDs, shirts, posters, and even film props for purchase. The event’s hosts include Debbie Rochon, Doug Sakmann, and Robyn Griggs. Plus they’re teasing the audience further with a possible 35mm screening of another schlock classic. No hints or clues have been given.

So put on your Sunday best and come out to celebrate the past 20 years of Low Budget Pictures!

The audience is restricted to 17 and over for the movies which cost only $15. Tickets are $10 for students with valid student ID.

The Palace Theater is located at 2384 James Street, Syracuse, NY 13206. Be sure to check their calender for a schedule of other B-Movie Madness.

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  1. Such a bittersweet event. Sad to see LBP go out, but nice to see them go out in style and with some stuff still in the pipeline. After 20 years I’m sure the scene has changed. Just glad they’ve got so many fun movies to show for all the work.

  2. What’s the date of this grand event?

  3. Hey guys-Its Feb 12th From 3:30pm till 3am Its gonna be sweeeet! Come join the magic!

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