Geno McGahee is all set to show us his FAMILY SECRET.

Geno McGahee is all set to show us his FAMILY SECRET.

Geno McGahee, founder of X-Posse Productions and director of such under-the-radar genre fare as Evil Awakening and Rise of the Scarecrows, is preparing to unleash his latest creation on the unsuspecting inhabitants of our swirling sphere. And this time it’s personal.

Here is the plot synopsis given to the Bloodsprayer:

Phyliss McGee was a wicked woman when she was alive, but now that she’s dead, she is far worse. Geno, the grandson of Phyliss, is reunited with his family after her death, but soon discovers that there’s something wrong — what appears to be the dead grandmother is going around with a meat cleaver in hand and butchering family members! Forced to cover it as a journalist, Geno gets too close and soon finds out what his family has been hiding for years… he discovers the FAMILY SECRET

Hitting DVD retailers on March 22, 2011, Family Secret promises to be a memorable indy thriller with, if the cover art is to be believed, a stack of satanic slaughter carried out by a killer the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Boris Pavlovsky’s Granny. The DVD also contains a family sized portion of bonus features including director’s commentary, a music video, bloopers, a short film, and more besides.

I didn’t get to see Rise of the Scarecrows yet (did I miss it come out on general release?), but Evil Awakening was a decent small-town slasher comedy with buckets of potential and even more enthusiasm. I’m just dying to see the progress made by this up-and-comer which will, no doubt, be on display in this Tempe Video release.

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  1. Thanks for the GREAT coverage! I look forward to your thoughts of the film!

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