From Babysitters to Bulldogs: Henrique Couto’s Wild 2013!

From Babysitters to Bulldogs:  Henrique Couto’s Wild 2013!

We are only a few days removed from our spectacular weekend at Cinema Wasteland just outside Cleveland, OH. The Bloodsprayer is lucky to live so close to such a fantastic convention that allows us to meet fan favorites from yesteryear, as well as get to know some of the area’s best up and coming filmmakers. One such filmmaker, Henrique Couto was able to share a few minutes with me as he prepares for his world premiere screening of Babysitter Massacre tomorrow night in Englewood, OH.  Check out the quick interview I held with Henrique, where he also talked about his next project which has my five year old daughter excited!


First off is the big premiere of Babysitter Massacre this Friday.  How did the filming process go?

 Babysitter Massacre was a whirlwind! We had such a fast production schedule, but we also had an incredibly talented and dedicated crew. The thing that made it all craziest was shooting around the holidays, we had actors that worked retail, so between tight schedules, holiday stress, and trying to avoid snow we were always dodging something.

Based on the trailer, it looks like it is a throwback to the glory years of the 80’s slasher.  Are there any specific movies that really inspired you?

The film is a little Slumber Party Massacre and a little Saw. My influences are hugely Slumber Party Massacre series as well as Sorority House Massacre II but I also dug into the depths of my brain that had been sculpted by a decade of Jim Wynorski and Fred Olen Ray VHS tapes. I tried to make something exciting, violent, and not self referential. A serious flick, in a way.

Can you update us on possibly when the viewing public outside of the Dayton, OH area will be able to see Babysitter?  Any further screenings, or distribution news you can share with us?

We are working hard to come up with another theater or two to show at, but nothing to report yet. The film will see a national DVD release toward the end of the year through Camp Motion Pictures and you should be able to get it just about anywhere.

Now, we’ll take a complete 180 and talk about your next project, A Bulldog for Christmas!  What made you want to make a Christmas movie?

I adore Christmas movies, last holiday season I took on the task of watch 25 Christmas Movies, one a day all of December, and there is just something about them. When they are done well they are sweet and overly sentimental and most of them turn out better than you think. I wasn’t just watching National Lampoons or Die Hard, I was watching ABC Family original movies and the like. I really enjoy depicting the season and the effect it has on people.

Are you expecting A Bulldog for Christmas to have any different challenges than you may typically face with a more horror-centric film?

I feel like the challenge will be to keep the audience excited and interested without having things that are easy to throw in like violence or sex. We will have to make the funny flow constantly, keep it light, keep it broad, but I think we will all end up having a huge amount of fun in the process.

You also have an indiegogo campaign running to help raise money to make A Bulldog for Christmas.  Is this your first time trying a crowd funding campaign?  How has it gone so far?

This is my first time crowd funding, I knew I would have to come up with a different way to finance this film than my other horror features, so far we have less than 600 dollars to go to get our goal, we are kicking but and I am so flattered people want to pay for me to make the film! I encourage more folks to head over there and preorder a copy, or even get a producer credit!

Finally, I know it’s still a ways off, but do you have any ideas what you may want to do after A Bulldog for Christmas?  Are there any other genres you’d like to take a stab at (pun intended)?

Though it isn’t 100% I have a few horror projects on the horizon as well as a feature length comedy similar to Depression: The Movie. I love to experiment and I am so fortunate to have support while I do it!

Thanks a lot for your time.  I know you have a busy week ahead of you, and best of luck with the big premiere.  I wish someone from the Bloodsprayer could attend, but we can’t wait to see how the final product turns out!

Check out information on the Babysitter Massacre premiere here!

Check out the indiegogo campaign for A Bulldog for Christmas here!



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