Fright Rags Presents The King Collection

Fright Rags Presents The King Collection

By the time you wake up tomorrow, the world will be a different place. Right now you can’t order one of the super sweet new shirts from Fright Rags‘ King Collection, but that’s all about to change. You don’t need me to tell you anyway. Let me hand it over to Ben from Fright Rags to fill you in.

Growing up in the 80s, I spent alot of time at the library and in bookstores gazing at the books in the horror section. It was the covers that inspired me…drew me in…and made me want to read those books. It was also during the height of Stephen King’s fame, and I never missed a chance to see the release of a new hardcover or paperback so I could see what the cover looked like. Those images stuck with me as I grew up, and after all these years, I still proudly display each book on my shelf. Now, I want to honor the imagery that fueled my love for horror, and create a special collection of shirts devoted to them.

This Wednesday (January 19), Fright-Rags will pay homage to those covers in a new series we call The King Collection. We have chosen four of King’s books: Pet Sematary, Night ShiftThe Dark Half, and Skeleton Crew, and worked with the original artists to painstakingly recreate their artwork in every detail. Each design is professionally screenprinted in full color on our supersoft, 100% ringspun cotton shirts for an über-comfy fit. I hope you enjoy the new series as much as we did putting it together.

I really like all of the designs because they really celebrate the Don Brautigam’s Stephen King covers. Like Ben I remember well seeing them in bookstores and on my parents nightstand while I was growing up. I can still recall the yellowed, slightly musty pages of my own first copy of Night Shift, and now I can’t wait until tomorrow morning when the world is a little different and I can order up my piece of The King Collection.

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Zachary Kelley is a life long cult fim fanatic who first brought his love for unappreciated gems when he founded The Lightning Bug's Lair over two years ago. Since then he's operated on one simple notion. No film is too gory, trashy, silly, or forgotten to deserve a watch.

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  1. I am so incredibly excited about the King Collection. I’ve been a huge King fan for many years and the cover art of his earlier works is still imo some of the scariest and most beautiful horror art around. I will wear it proudly!


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