Fright Flick And Let Me Die Quietly Hits DVD This January Via Breaking Glass/Vicious Circle

Fright Flick And Let Me Die Quietly Hits DVD This January Via Breaking Glass/Vicious Circle

Breaking Glass Pictures, and Vicious Circle Films have become one of the turn-to distribution labels when it comes to independent horror. Having such titles under their belt as Ryan Nicholson’s “Hanger”, Chad Ferrin’s “Someone’s Knocking At The Door”, and “Easter Bunny Kill Kill”, as well as the spectacular little Hitchcockian thriller “Sympathy”, the label continues this trend of bringing obscure gems to the masses, into the new year of 2011. Breaking Glass is set to release two new horror flicks, “Fright Flick”, and “Let Me Die Quietly”, fresh from the festival circuit onto DVD on January 4th, and January 25th, respectively.

Fright Flick

“Fright Flick” is the new film from the director of “Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives”, Israel Luna. The film is a satirical horror-comedy that focuses on the filmmaking industry. A B-movie scream queen turns up murdered during the filming of their latest flick, and the remaining cast members are left to figure out who committed the act. “Fright Flick” is touted as being a gory, darkly comedic whodunit, with interesting characters, and competing egos. “Fright Flick” has been touring the festival circuit, gobbling up awards such as Best Actress for Allyn Carrell at the Horrific Film Festival in San Antonio, Texas, House Pick at the B-Movie Film Festival in Syracuse, New York, and Best Gore/Special FX at the Bare Bones Film Festival in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Breaking Glass Pictures’ label Vicious Circle Films will be dropping the film on DVD on the 25th of January. Special features include a blooper reel, “Severed Scenes”, and a behind-the-scenes documentary titled “The Guts of Fright Flick”.

Let Me Die Quietly

Director Mitchell Reichler’s “Let Me Die Quietly”, is a neo-noir story that follows an alcoholic who has been haunted by visions of violent murders for all of his life. Mario’s surroundings can trigger said visions, be it locations, encounters, or even a simple touch, at any time, Mario can sense the thoughts and feelings a murder victim is experiencing while taking their final breath. Soon, Mario begins to sense his own death, and sets out to stop not only the visions, but his impending demise. Mario enlists the help of a psychic, who has been having the same visions as he has. The two join forces, both harboring different aspects of the same murders, to stop the serial killer that’s been dropping the bodies around them. “Let Me Die Quietly” played at national film festivals and took home such accolades as Best Suspense Feature at the Indie Gathering Film Festival and Best Suspense Thriller at the New York Film and Video Festival. “Let Me Die Quietly” will be released onto DVD on the 4th of January.

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