Freakshow Apocalypse (2012) Review

Freakshow Apocalypse (2012) Review

Chemical Burn Entertainments second release of the month is upon us. Freakshow Apocalypse is out today on DVD, and what a weird and wild trip it is from first time writer/producer/and director Matthew Broomfield.

A brand new epic myth of our modern apocalypse. The Order of Mystery, a secret society of necromancers dating back to ancient Sumeria, control the fate of the world. It is their duty to push back the armies of the abyss every 200 years through a series of ritual sacrifices. The Unholy Sideshow, a family of serial killer, black magician sideshow freaks, are next for the job that has prevented the coming of the dead for thousands of years. A bitter feud between Malerkus and Lazari, two mad scientist black magicians, causes the ritual to be delayed, setting off the balance of the living and the dead. It is up to The Amazing Barry Silver, a young magician and fakir, to stop them. With the help of The Enigma, a gum-shoe detective and guardian of The Order, Barry must stop Malerkus and Lazari before time runs out. As society has grown weak and deceitful so has the Order of Mystery. Witness the beginning of this action filled saga where evil battles evil while the fate of mankind lies in the hands of the twisted and deranged. If the ritual is not set in motion, and the Unholy Sideshow is not up to the task, the gates of the abyss will cover the earth in darkness. In a world of fire breathing vampires, modified killers and an onslaught of zombies, no one is safe. When it’s evil vs. evil who can you trust?

Before we continue I must come clean that that plot synopsis was ripped directly from the Chemical Burn website.  Before everyone rushes me with pitchforks for being lazy, that was not the reason I copied it.  I did it for the simple fact that I had no idea what the fuck was going on during the entire duration of Freakshow Apocalypse.  My plot summary would’ve sounded more like, “Circus sideshow freaks practice their acts while occasionally killing people, which for some reason brings the return of some zombie creatures.”  On top of all that, this disk only contains parts 1 and 2 of the story, there is still more incompetence to come!  I hate to rip an independent film, but what in the hell is this shit?

On the technical end of things, the movie looks like it was shot on video (which it very well may have been).  The lighting and sets look no better than what a couple high school kids could pull off with a cell phone.  The special effects were okay, at least they were all practical effects.  Nobody in the movie was technically an actor, so it seems unfair to say anything bad about them.  I gotta admit, the only redeeming quality of Freakshow Apocalypse is the sideshow acts, which are mildly interesting.

Save your money!  Please heed my warnings and steer clear of Freakshow Apocalypse.  Zero plot, zero competence, and weak in all other categories.  If you really are in the mood to buy something from Chemical Burn tomorrow, buy Fell.  It looks like Citizen Kane next to this.

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