Freak Dance Laughs At All The Right Things (Image Entertainment)

Freak Dance Laughs At All The Right Things (Image Entertainment)

freakdanceBefore Tim & Eric were Tim & Eric, the absurdist comedy world was well taken care of by a group of ne’erdowells known as the Upright Citizens Brigade.  These weirdos maintained a long-standing comedy shop, one of Comedy Central’s most overlooked gems in its hapless existence, all while maintaining their own careers.  As we all know, those individuals all went on to kick ass careers (namely, Amy Poehler) but regardless, the Brigade carries on.

Carrying on, in this case, is in the form of a movie called Freak Dance. Freak Dance takes everything your sister loves about…well…any dance movie ever, and punches it in the nuts.  As is the tradition with many spoof movies, you get your bevvy of pop culture references, but they’re no match for the 1000 mph “WTF?!” moments/jokes that Freak Dance serves up.  Get it? Serves?!

redcrotchThe story is quite familiar to us all:  The rich girl wants to “work it”, but her square for a mother (Amy Poehler) refuses to let this happen.  Naturally, as any disgruntled rich white girl wanting to dance would do, Cocolonia  takes to the streets to act on these urges.  Cocolonia meets Funky Bunch (Michael Cassady) one of the best dancers the streets have to offer and his rag tag band of misfits…dancing misfits, that is.  In just a few short days, they have to do the impossible-learn the freakiest, nastiest moves of all time.  But can they maneuver past class wars, rival dance gangs, and THE MAN?!  One can only hope…

Freak Dance is every bit the ridiculous movie one would expect.  There are millions of jokes going on at all times, so you kind of have to keep up.  There are plenty of dance movie stereotypes to exploit…and they are exploited.  Beyond that, Freak Dance is a perfect combination of original humor and spoof movie comedy.  The most impressive aspects of the movie came in the form of the singing/dancing numbers.  The mere fact that these guys not only wrote this stuff, but were able to properly make a musical (of sorts) is pretty fantastic.  Directors Neil Mahoney and Matt Besser (who also wrote and performed in the film) had it doubly hard on this movie.  Shooting a choreographed dance sequence with several people in it can be no small task.  Now, add to that the fact that you’re still trying to execute the most important piece; capturing the funny.   Well, I’m glad to report that the daunting task was handled masterfully.  Mahoney and Besser handled this like a couple of old pros.  The end result is a great time.

Freak Dance is not common Blood Sprayer fodder, so to be deemed something of interest to the readers, I had to try and figure out what would be the draw for YOU (yeah, you…the horror lover!).  That’s simple enough.  A fun movie. If you’ve seen under-the-radar comedies like Frank McClusky C.I. or are familiar with Kentucky Fried Movie, then consider yourself prepared for what Freak Dance has to offer.  There’s a ton of ridiculous over-the-top stuff going on that it’s impossible to not laugh.  In addition to the familiar faces dishing out silliness, you have newcomers who are worth keeping an eye on.  That’s what we’re all about here, right? At times it’s dirty, other times it’s completely nonsensical, but it’s always funny.  Freak Dance takes an old premise and twists its nipples.  You’ll have a blast with it, I promise!  And if you don’t, well then, you’re just being a dickhead…

*Freak Dance is available as of today courtesy of Image Entertainment.





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