Found Footage With Potential? We’ll See if Report 51’s Got What It Takes

Found Footage With Potential? We’ll See if Report 51’s Got What It Takes

I’ve mentioned more than once how sick I am of found footage, but director Alessio Liguori’s upcoming film has the potential to be a decent found footage film (words I never thought I’d say again). EuroObscura has announced that Report 51, the latest in the alien invasion movies-which, unlike found footage, I never seem to tire of-will be released on DVD and VOD in North America on May 20th. We’ll see if this movie has what it takes to be great. I’ve put the longest trailer in the world below, and the teaser trailer below that for those of you who don’t want to sit through the mini-movie that is the trailer:


Not much seems to be available by way of synopsis for this movie, so here’s what I found on IMDb:

“After a strange sighting, four friends decide to move in the near woodlands to investigate. Soon their week-end becomes a nightmare and a race for survival.”

As I said before, the film was directed by Alessio Liguori, who co-wrote the script with Giuliano Tomassacci. Neither has done much before this film; in fact, it looks like this is the first big feature-length film for both of them. The movie stars Michela Bruni, Luca Guastini, Viola Graziosi, and Damiano Martina, all relative unknowns (at least to the American market), and whose very Italian names reminded me of sitting in homeroom listening to names being called while growing up in New York.

Part of what’s spurring my enthusiasm about this film despite it’s found-footageness is that it looks like everybody who worked on the film contributed an enormous amount of effort. Even the website ( really goes out of its way to try. Plus, the trailer is giving off a promisingly strange and creepy vibe (although I must ask that whoever made the trailer please NEVER make a trailer that is anywhere close to over 4 minutes long again). We’ll see what comes to pass on May 20th. Hopefully, it doesn’t involve my expectations for this movie crashing and burning in a fiery blaze.

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