First Full Look at The Thing Prequel

First Full Look at The Thing Prequel

The Thing PosterAfter sitting in development hell, The Thing prequel is starting to move along. Universal Pictures tried to create a four-hour sequel to The Thing hoping to air the series on the Syfy Channel. When that failed to happened, the made the next logical move with the property – make it a feature movie.  So, here we sit, waiting for a prequel to John Carpenter’s remake of the 1951 black and white film. But there is a golden nugget floating around internet-land for those of us who can’t wait for more details about the project. The folks at Corona Coming Attractions got an early look at the script and so kindly posted a review.

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT: The review notes that the film seems to be faithful to the original. We will also get a look at the interior of the alien craft, horrific transformations and creatures. There are also comparisons to the script originally written for the Syfy Channel mini-series.

The Thing 02CCA’s final say?  “Alas, if there’s a major flaw in Moore’s story it’s that it doesn’t add anything new. We’ve seen this same story played out in the Carpenter movie; we watch the characters discover what the threat is they’re up against and then paranoia sets in amongst them as they freak out about who’s not really human anymore. The Thing’s goals aren’t any different in the prequel than the first film, which are to get out of isolation and absorb everything on the planet. There’s flamethrowers, sticks of dynamite and a snowstorm to cut off the base from the rest of the world. Ironically, in every way Moore’s Thing movie is perfect imitation of its originator when it’s really a franchise reboot that comes looking and sounding like it’s a prequel.”

Read the full article here and decide for yourself.

Source: Jo-Blo, Corona Coming Attractions

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