FILTH TO ASHES, FLESH TO DUST – Getting Dirty Late 2011

FILTH TO ASHES, FLESH TO DUST – Getting Dirty Late 2011

“The Elimination Process is About to Begin. Will You Survive?”

Ever had that feeling like maybe you weren’t so fresh? Think it might be as a result of your very existence. The good folks of at Jeoa Production want to make you sure you wash behind your ear and don’t forget to use plenty of soap. Your life may depend on it.


Everyone has a weakness. The schizophrenic serial killer known as Purge made it his mission to eliminate the weak and build a perfect society. But news of his
demise has been exaggerated, as a group of college bound friends on one last adventure, quickly discover. Each of their weaknesses exposed, only the strongest will survive

Filth to Ashes Flesh to Dust is directed by Paul Morrell (Machete Joe, MTV Mov ie Award nominee) and co-produced by Terry James (Transformers, Rush Hour 2, The Crow) and Gordon Vasquez (The Mourning Hour, Reunited). Amongst the film’s cast is Anton Troy, who also stars in horror director Adam Green’s (Hatchet I & II) new film Chillerama

Acort International, in association with Nocturnal Features and Midnight Releasing, the premier independent distributors’ for independent filmmakers, has just
acquired Filth to Ashes, Flesh to Dust from 2 Thumbs Up Entertainment for world-wide distribution.

Moral of the story: Keep your eyes out for the one they call Purge and check out the newest release by Paul Morrell. In limited release September through November 2011 with a broadcast, DVD, VoD release slated for early 2012. 


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Dr. Jimmy Terror, more commonly known as James P. Harris, has been “writing your eyes” shut since 2010 with his horror themed blog Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors (whose name is a play on words derived from the Amicus film, Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors). In the early 2000’s he fronted the band The Vaudeville Vampires, a short-lived Horrorabilly band which saw the creation of a catalog of horror related songs before disbanding (with only one, six song demo ever being produced and distributed). He has had only one on screen appearance to date in the horror/suspense short, Ocean Parkway, as maniacal, gloved killer with a hair fetish. Having done some un-credited, behind the scenes work in some low budget genre pictures, he is currently working on his first foray into screenwriting with a demonic, retro gore entry that pays homage to Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento as well as other Italian masters of the genre.

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