Fell: Relationships Can Bring You Down (2010) Review

Fell: Relationships Can Bring You Down (2010) Review

Chemical Burn Entertainment continues to pump out the indie flicks at a solid pace. Next on the schedule is Fell, coming to DVD on July 10th.

Fell is the tale of Bill.  Bill is what most people would call depressed.  He’s quit his band, he has no job, he’s lost his girlfriend, and he’s stopped taking his medication.  To top it all off, now Bill has a dead body in his bathtub.  Bill has no idea who she is or why she’s in there, and he’s too frightened to go in to check it out.  Lost and depressed he turns to the one constant in his life, his best friend Derrik.  Derrik is the perfect best friend.  He never questions anything, just does whatever he can to try and help Bill find out what happened to the woman in the bathtub.

This was a pretty interesting movie.  At first glance I didn’t think I’d be too interested in it, but Jeff Dylan Graham as Bill does such a fantastic job as a scared and lost soul that you can’t help but feel for him, which in turn sparked my interest.  The other characters didn’t really click with me, but when it was all said and done I was satisfied where they ended up.  It was interesting to see that the actors are all listed as the writers of the script, which no doubt helped to make them feel more real.  It’s gotta be much easier to play a version of yourself over someone completely made up.

Fell is another slower paced movie so be prepared to give it a little time to get to the final act, but if you stick it out it’ll be worth your time.  Thankfully director Marcus Koch kept the movie at a lean 75 minutes.  Too much longer would’ve caused the movie to drag too much. 

Any action scenes and effects are kept to a minimum, but are all adequate for what the script calls for.  Like I mentioned above, it all boils down to how invested in Bill you are whether you will want to skip this movie completely, or see just how messed up his life truly is. 

Fell is easily one I’d recommend giving a spin.  I can understand those that aren’t as interested due to the lack of action (I was ready to join you), but if you give it a shot you may be pleasantly surprised.

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