Fast Zombies With Guns (2009) Review

Fast Zombies With Guns (2009) Review

First off I’m old school, I like my zombies slow and decaying. The only zombie to ever shoot a gun should be Bub, and he barely pulled the feat off. It is with that in mind that I was extremely surprised that I enjoyed Fast Zombies With Guns as much as I did.

Fast Zombies With Guns is about a gangster who poisons a young couples water supply, but after it kills them it awakens them as crazed zombies. Crazed zombies with extremely accurate shooting skills no less. From this point, the movie is all about an extremely high body count, and a story about a group of survivors trying to safely make it to a boat to try and leave town.

I will say that to properly enjoy this movie like I did, especially for you horrorhounds, you’ll have to turn off your typical way of thinking. We have been trained over the years that zombies are ghouls and to kill them it’s with a shot to the head. This is really an over the top action flick with extremely fast zombies (outrunning cars) who will kill everyone they come into contact with one way or the other. It is a lot of fun when the action gets going and you really just sit back and enjoy the ride.

This is the second film I’ve seen from director Bennie Woodell, the first being Death Angel December, and even though this is the older of the two movies this one looked and sounded better. Effects wise, the blood flows and squirts throughout and is very well done for a movie of this budget. There are even some good zombie munching scenes for the horror fans. The sound is much better than his last movie, when the music would sometimes drown out the dialog. The only real issue on a technical level this time is the occasional lighting issues. There were some daytime scenes shot indoors, but the characters were so shaded you could barely see what was going on.

This movie may not be for everyone, especially those that can’t shut off there old school train of thought when it comes to zombie movies, but for someone looking to shut off the old noodle and enjoy the ride give Fast Zombies With Guns a shot. Pun intended.

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